Thursday, January 29, 2009

Zumba Zumba ZuuuuummmmBAHHHHH!!!!

(Click on the cartoon to read it.)
Last night's class was amazing.  I was able to keep up thru the first 1.5 songs.  John (the instructor) came in & stripped down to a fishnet sleeveless shirt & leopard print fur pants.  

He put on the music & yelled "Follow me & have fun!"

I must find a weekly class!  I must ZUMBA!!!! I MUST ZUMBA!!!!!

Class lasted about 45 mins.  I kept stepping in & stepping out.  Most did the same.  I think I started sweating about 2 minutes into the 1st song.  

I shimmied
I shook
I growled
I yelled
I became a lion
I posed honor to the sky
Any class that encourages dressing up with leopard print fur pants.... well... I'm there!  ZUMBA!
Body Images
I think most of us who struggle with our weight think that once we get to our goal that we won't have body image issues.  It's as if we think goal = the answer to all of life's problems. 

I learned in my 20's that thin people can be just as messed up as fat people.  

But I never thought about their body issues.  

So last night I asked one of my friends who is thin, fit and beautiful if she had body image issues.
"Are you kidding me?  Hell yes!"
Me: "Give me an example."
her:  "First off my skin is sagging.  I am getting 'old lady' skin on my legs.  I have bags under my eyes that will never go away.  I work out almost every day to tone.   I wear long sleeves even when it's hot because my arms are ugly."
Me: "Wow.  I'm asking because I think you have a great body, you're fit & beautiful.  I never ever would have thought that about you. Have you ever been overweight?"
Her:  "Yes.  I was about 20 pounds over weight. But I lost it after I separated from my husband. I quit eating, hired a trainer and took out my aggressions in the gym."

Now you need to know that she's about 5'5" with a very thin frame.  20 pounds overweight is a lot. 

So today's lesson:  We all have body image issues and chances are they won't go away.  They may just morph into a different issue.
12:12 pm
Cleaning & organizing the fabric in the back stock room.


vegas_chic said...

Ah, you've joined the cult of "Zumba". You need to "talk" with BettyCakes, she gives a countdown each day to "how soon to Zumba".

As for body image, amen. I know that when I get to goal I'll be healthier, but I'm not planning on liking my body much better (other than the fact I'll be able to wear normal clothes and fit places better). I'll be trading a puffy body for a saggy one, so I don't ever see revealing clothes in my future.

G. Harrison said...

Hi Twinkelydots,

Thanks for visiting and following It Strikes Me Funny.

The Zumba cartoon is one of the best I've seen. We all should be as uninhibited.

That's easy to say, however, and hard to do. I'll stick to my recumbent bike and short runs for the time being.



peepinit said...

Zumba sounds like a BLAST!
Shake what your mama gave you!


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