Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a week!

And it's only Thursday!

Oh Hurley.  Dude, I love you.

First off I'm a freak for Lost.  Last night's show was amazing.  I've dvr'ed it and plan on re-watching again today.  Great article:,,20253910,00.html

Secondly last night at fire spinning someone told me that Michelle is a hooper!  She loves to hula hoop.  This is one more reason for my Michelle Obama crush.  

And thirdly Nancy is home with my treasures from Quartzsite!

Some of the goodies Nancy brought back.

What I've made so far.

And speaking of fire spinning class I finally got a move down that  I've been wanting to learn since last summer.  Two of the teachers tag teamed me & made me break down slowly the move.  All of sudden it just clicked!

I hated to leave class early but come on... Lost is on!  I've waited 9 months for that show.  I'll take the movement class next week.  
Steve is sick.  This cleanse is hitting him hard.  Poor guy.  He's slept on the couch (his choice not mine) for the past 2 nights.  His sinus's are in pain, he's got a rash on his forehead and he switches between chills and sweats.  

He's been taking apple cider baths to help remove the toxins coming to his skin.  

I've been adding fresh ginger to his tea and extra garlic in most of his meals.  We'll get this bug out of him. 

I, on the other hand, am feeling full of energy, spunk and loving my successful life today!

12:12 pm Weds

 I left the camera at the store.  I'll up load it tomorrow.


Katschi (Karen) said...

I only kinda sorta watched Lost last night. I'm still not done watching season 4 on dvd.
I heart that show. It's a total mindf*** LOL!
I love the bracelet? on the left...the pretty green one. That's the one I'd choose. It's fresh looking and summery. :)
You sound ssoooo much happier today! Lot's of energy coming through!!!
Twinkely dots...I just love that name!
Firespinning??? You are a crazy-ass chick :)

Katschi (Karen) said...

Not done yet! lol

meandww said...

This greek guy my husband worked with said to mince garlic and put it on the inner part of your elbow, cover with a cloth, and hold it there for as long as you can. It will sting and burn the skin, so you can only hold it there for a minute or two. Sounds nuts...but it has worked! I did that when I was pregnant to get rid of a bad cold.