Friday, January 30, 2009

A relaxed day off & more body issues

Thursdays are my day off.  I decided to actually have a day off.  No leaving the house, no going into the store to work on a project, just staying in my pj's & no bra until 10 minutes before Mr. T'dots comes home.  

For Christmas I gave Mr. T'dots a membership to Houseseats.  $80 for a 14 month membership & we get to see concerts, plays and casino shows for "free".  Last night we had tickets to see Toxic Audio an acappella group.  The show was amazing!  I left with my cheeks in pain from laughing and smiling so much.  Here's a youtube of them.  

More on the body image issue.

I asked Mr T'dots if he had body image issues.  "Not really."

Of course not.  Do men have body image issues?  How do they get off so easy??  

So I pressed the question harder.  "You sure?"

"Yup.  Well, I'll be happy when I lose my man boobs. But that's about it."

Seriously that's it.  Meanwhile here I am focusing on my arms (which used to not be an issue for me until after one of my students wrote on a comment card "The fat above your elbows distract me.  Please start wearing long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve shirts." Here I am teaching you how to cook for your allergies and my upper arm fat distracts you? Bitch.), my "apron" (what I call my belly that hangs over),  my chin & neck hairs and my ears. (Ok here's the deal about my ear issue.  I noticed when I was a kid that old men have HUGE ears.  Then one day I noticed that many old women have HUGE ears.  There is absolutely NOTHING I can do about the size of my ears. And since so many people wear gauges their ears are going to be SUPER HUGE when they get old. My 85 year old Mom has normal ears.  But my 93 year old Uncle [my Dad's bro] has huge ears. My issue.)

It's strange but issues that my friends worry about (cellulite, saggy skin, sagging back) doesn't bother me.  

The circles under my eyes have slowly been disappearing since I started this cleanse.  I guess that was an issue for me, too.  

Just like I have learned to embrace and appreciate the food I CAN eat I have to embrace and appreciate the body I have.  And list the things I like.
1.  My hair.  Love my hair.  Always have.
2.  My eye color.  Lovely shade of green
3.  My smile
4.  My feet.  They're big and I have short toes with very tiny toe nails.  I used to paint my skin around the toe-nail to make my toe nails look bigger.  I think they're cute.  
5.  My legs.  I've got great legs.  

Now  I want you to comment with 5 things you like about your body.  Embrace those 5 things and ignore the problem areas.

Thursday's Lunch at home! 

Turkey patty with sauteed veggies

I picked up a package of turkey burgers at Costco.  Normally I don't do pre-pared pre-packaged food but reading the ingredients (100% turkey) I decided to grab a bag.

In a hot skillet I put the patty.  Seared for a min or 2 on each side & then spiced with salt, fresh ground pepper, bit of cayenne pepper, celery salt and dill.  Did seasoning on each side.

Cut up onion, bell peppers and I grabbed broccoli for some extra greenage.
In the same pan as the turkey patty pour a little oil & saute the veggies until onions & peppers are clear.

Turkey has very little fat.  That's why I added the extra oil to saute.
12:12 pm

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Teri said...

I love my eyes, blue with dark rings, my hair(i do pay "Robert" for the color), my fingers, my breasts (menopause gave me another cup!), the small of my back. Mostly I like my brain, it's a fun one to have in my head!!