Sunday, January 18, 2009

I love Sundays

VH1 Presents:

This guy's train wreck of a love life. And my Sunday Morning entertainment.

Steve & get to sleep in on Sundays in the winter. The store is closed & we're not on the road. We usually start our morning with CBS Sunday Morning. 

I enjoy all the reality shows on VH1.  "Rock of Love Bus", "Tool Academy", and "Confessions of a Teen Idol" are my Sunday Morning ritual.   

This morning was a bit different.  I decided instead of slugging on the couch or bed I'd have that sense of accomplishment I love so much. So it's off to watch tv & start on that energy drainer aka my dresses.

My dresser is a wreck.  But this morning I started to organize, throw away, clean and deal with the energy drainer that holds my undies. And I did this all while watching my VH1 train wreck shows.

Dresser before
Top drawer after
Not only did I clean out the top drawer but I threw away single socks, holy undies, bra's missing hooks and a few other things.  

I also threw away two important pieces of clothing.  One was my "green thing" and the other a black turtle neck.  I've had both for over 15 years and they were my "throw on and hang around the house tops".  I've had a longer relationship with those than I have with my husband.  

I cried but I moved forward.  I have plenty of long sleeve t's (I'm in the clothing business for goodness sake).   If these had been Steve's I would have made him get rid of them years ago. 

Part of moving forward is letting go of the past.  It may only be 2 pieces of clothing to you but to me it was part of me.  Big, loose and comforting.  Time to be proud of what I wear and how I represent myself via my clothing even if it is in the privacy of my own home.

Today's Recipe:
Steve's Jerusalem artichoke & red potato hash browns with poached eggs
Steve woke up this morning & said "I'm thinking hash browns this morning but I'm going to add Jerusalem artichokes."

3-4 pieces JA
3-4 red potatoes
All shreaded

In a heavy pan add oil (we only use olive oil) 

Add JA/potato mixture.

Cook until done.

He topped ours with poached eggs.  YUM!!!
12:12 pm Saturday

Finishing up new napkins.
WI:  Down 4 for 10 pounds lost!

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peepinit said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I'm proud of you!

I used my sewing machine today too! Mom taught me a few basics before she flew off on the plane. i'm going to get some fabric this week. I'll keep you posted, and possibly call you for some assistance.