Saturday, January 10, 2009

Working toward a NSV

I don't know if the term "Non-Scale Victory" (NSV) is just a Weight Watchers term or if it's a widely known term.  

The definition of a NSV is accomplishing something with your weight loss that has nothing to do with the scale.  Could be fitting into a smaller size jeans, being able to tie your shoes without huffing and puffing,  or even being able to see your feet when looking down past your belly.

So here's my NSV that I'm working towards.  I want to be able to wear my amethyst & opal ring.

Steve wears my wedding band.  I had lost enough weight that it was way to big for me.  Over the years I've looked for a new wedding band and this one is the one I love the most.  

I'll do a monthly check-in on the band & show you the progress.

Today's recipe:

I love our crock-pot.  I'm kind of stuck on the same thing but by changing the spices I've been able to have a few options.

Yesterday morning I put in:
1 c rice
1 qt turkey broth (I had frozen a bunch of quarts of turkey broth last Nov after boiling our turkey carcass.)
3 pcs frozen chicken thighs
hand full of frozen green beans
Carrot (big & cut up in chunks)
1 C goat yoghurt
1 TBS Garam Masala powder
Salt & Pepper

I had it on high until I left for the store.  Then put on medium.

So good!  No leftovers.  We devoured it all.


vegas_chic said...

What a pretty ring! I have a couple I'd like to wear as well, but need my fingers to be less sausagy. Actually, I can get them on in the morning fine, but taking them off is a bit scary.

Looking forward to seeing the pic with the ring all the way on!

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