Saturday, December 26, 2009

Good bye Appendix. Hello world!

So here's what's been happening the past month or so.

#1. I had a fashion show called Luscious Ladies: A Fat Girl Fashion show.

This is Meredith & myself in one of the publicity photos.
Meredith owns the Tree House Lounge where the fashion show was held.
Two of my models wearing "off the rack" clothes from the store.

Me pole dancing.
Signature looks:
Rhianna is wearing lavender mylar stretch bloomers, purple corset and multi-colored mylar fur shrug.
Dixie is about 6'1". She was my closing look.
Green raw silk corset with same fabric as an open skirt.

This was my original piece.
Tuxedo with corseted sleeves, faux maroon & black fur trim on sleeves and collar.
Bloomers that looked so wonderful in person! I loved loved loved this piece.
#2: Random photo shoot in store:

Dana Nollsch of Photo Zen called this one "When photo shoots go bad".

I love this of me. It's about 9 degrees out and one of the models had grabbed this as a prop. I had 2 different photographers playing in the store with 3 models. I aimed this at Lenea and she grabbed the photo of me.

Local model Stefani & myself. She's hot!
#3: Made the cover!
Cover shot of local alternative magazine.
Story was about shopping locally for Christmas.
The guy next to me showed up wearing just a plane blue t-shirt. He's wearing my sweatshirt.
#4. Had my appendix out on Dec 10.
Celebrated my birthday in the hospital.
Big gift: Got to poop & fart and then was put on solid food.

I have more pic's to publish. It'll happen.

Oh and I'm at 190 btw. 42 pounds gone this year bitches!!!!