Saturday, January 31, 2009

I want to BINGE

I really really really want to binge.

Seriously.  Binge on all things bad.  I've tried to binge on all things good but this is how sick my brain is.  I'm not getting that lethargic, bloated, "why oh why did I do this" feeling.  

My meals are tasty, fantastic and I feel so full of energy.  I don't get it.

For those of you who've not had this desire to just eat everything in sight (I call it  "Hoover mode".  You vacuum up everything.) you won't understand.  I don't need the "this will pass" lecture.  I know it will.
"But you're doing everything right."  Yes.  I know.
"You're accomplishing so much!"  Yes.  I know.
"You're healing your body!"  Yes.  I know.
But I still want to eat bad things.  
Go thru a drive-thru & eat tasteless food.  Then go to a 2nd one & eat even more. Find all of Mr T'dot's chocolate stashes and eat all of that.  
But I won't do it.  I can't do it.  Doing it will start the death process all over again.  Slowly killing myself with food.  Slowly putting the weight back on, eating all my allergy food and not loving my self the way I should.  
I know everything I'm suppose to do.  And I will continue to do the things I'm suppose to do.  Just right this moment I....WANT....TO..... BINGE!!!!!!
Here's two challenges this week.
#1.  Our french friend is staying the weekend.  She's coming today.  She stays with us about once or twice a month.  She's a very close and wonderful friend.  But she doesn't understand my issues with food.  
I don't know if it's a french thing or if it's just her.
"You want to lose weight?  Quit eating!"
She always brings an amazing dessert and a great bottle of wine.  "Just a little bit won't hurt you."
Yes, it will.
Like most of my friends & family she doesn't know if I'm on the food wagon or off.  She's dealt with both.  She's seen me be on the wagon & cheat.   
Mr T'dots said to me "I'm so not interested in bread or wine.  This is easy."
Wow.  This is easy. 

#2.  Super Hero Super BOWLing party tomorrow.
We're dressing up in Super Hero costumes (I have no clue what I'm wearing.  I just know I'll be making a cape today.) and going bowling.  
There's a huge group of us and I know food and drink will be there.  
I think I'll grab Mr T'dot's philosophy of "This is easy".
This is easy.
This is easy.
This is easy!
12:12 pm Friday
Mirror on outside of dressing room.
I had been marking down hats & thought that wouldn't be all that interesting.  I had just put away the last hat when the alarm went off.  I loved the little top hat I was wearing so I thought I'd take a picture of my top hat.
The mirror has an amazing mosaic around it done by an artist out of Vancouver, WA.  It's hard to see it because of the reflection of the stuff around the mirror.

Friday, January 30, 2009

A relaxed day off & more body issues

Thursdays are my day off.  I decided to actually have a day off.  No leaving the house, no going into the store to work on a project, just staying in my pj's & no bra until 10 minutes before Mr. T'dots comes home.  

For Christmas I gave Mr. T'dots a membership to Houseseats.  $80 for a 14 month membership & we get to see concerts, plays and casino shows for "free".  Last night we had tickets to see Toxic Audio an acappella group.  The show was amazing!  I left with my cheeks in pain from laughing and smiling so much.  Here's a youtube of them.  

More on the body image issue.

I asked Mr T'dots if he had body image issues.  "Not really."

Of course not.  Do men have body image issues?  How do they get off so easy??  

So I pressed the question harder.  "You sure?"

"Yup.  Well, I'll be happy when I lose my man boobs. But that's about it."

Seriously that's it.  Meanwhile here I am focusing on my arms (which used to not be an issue for me until after one of my students wrote on a comment card "The fat above your elbows distract me.  Please start wearing long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve shirts." Here I am teaching you how to cook for your allergies and my upper arm fat distracts you? Bitch.), my "apron" (what I call my belly that hangs over),  my chin & neck hairs and my ears. (Ok here's the deal about my ear issue.  I noticed when I was a kid that old men have HUGE ears.  Then one day I noticed that many old women have HUGE ears.  There is absolutely NOTHING I can do about the size of my ears. And since so many people wear gauges their ears are going to be SUPER HUGE when they get old. My 85 year old Mom has normal ears.  But my 93 year old Uncle [my Dad's bro] has huge ears. My issue.)

It's strange but issues that my friends worry about (cellulite, saggy skin, sagging back) doesn't bother me.  

The circles under my eyes have slowly been disappearing since I started this cleanse.  I guess that was an issue for me, too.  

Just like I have learned to embrace and appreciate the food I CAN eat I have to embrace and appreciate the body I have.  And list the things I like.
1.  My hair.  Love my hair.  Always have.
2.  My eye color.  Lovely shade of green
3.  My smile
4.  My feet.  They're big and I have short toes with very tiny toe nails.  I used to paint my skin around the toe-nail to make my toe nails look bigger.  I think they're cute.  
5.  My legs.  I've got great legs.  

Now  I want you to comment with 5 things you like about your body.  Embrace those 5 things and ignore the problem areas.

Thursday's Lunch at home! 

Turkey patty with sauteed veggies

I picked up a package of turkey burgers at Costco.  Normally I don't do pre-pared pre-packaged food but reading the ingredients (100% turkey) I decided to grab a bag.

In a hot skillet I put the patty.  Seared for a min or 2 on each side & then spiced with salt, fresh ground pepper, bit of cayenne pepper, celery salt and dill.  Did seasoning on each side.

Cut up onion, bell peppers and I grabbed broccoli for some extra greenage.
In the same pan as the turkey patty pour a little oil & saute the veggies until onions & peppers are clear.

Turkey has very little fat.  That's why I added the extra oil to saute.
12:12 pm

Playing canasta on

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Zumba Zumba ZuuuuummmmBAHHHHH!!!!

(Click on the cartoon to read it.)
Last night's class was amazing.  I was able to keep up thru the first 1.5 songs.  John (the instructor) came in & stripped down to a fishnet sleeveless shirt & leopard print fur pants.  

He put on the music & yelled "Follow me & have fun!"

I must find a weekly class!  I must ZUMBA!!!! I MUST ZUMBA!!!!!

Class lasted about 45 mins.  I kept stepping in & stepping out.  Most did the same.  I think I started sweating about 2 minutes into the 1st song.  

I shimmied
I shook
I growled
I yelled
I became a lion
I posed honor to the sky
Any class that encourages dressing up with leopard print fur pants.... well... I'm there!  ZUMBA!
Body Images
I think most of us who struggle with our weight think that once we get to our goal that we won't have body image issues.  It's as if we think goal = the answer to all of life's problems. 

I learned in my 20's that thin people can be just as messed up as fat people.  

But I never thought about their body issues.  

So last night I asked one of my friends who is thin, fit and beautiful if she had body image issues.
"Are you kidding me?  Hell yes!"
Me: "Give me an example."
her:  "First off my skin is sagging.  I am getting 'old lady' skin on my legs.  I have bags under my eyes that will never go away.  I work out almost every day to tone.   I wear long sleeves even when it's hot because my arms are ugly."
Me: "Wow.  I'm asking because I think you have a great body, you're fit & beautiful.  I never ever would have thought that about you. Have you ever been overweight?"
Her:  "Yes.  I was about 20 pounds over weight. But I lost it after I separated from my husband. I quit eating, hired a trainer and took out my aggressions in the gym."

Now you need to know that she's about 5'5" with a very thin frame.  20 pounds overweight is a lot. 

So today's lesson:  We all have body image issues and chances are they won't go away.  They may just morph into a different issue.
12:12 pm
Cleaning & organizing the fabric in the back stock room.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I had a nightmare

I woke up in a panic!  I dreamt that I was gorging myself on cup cakes.  I couldn't stop. Everyone around me was telling me to quit but I couldn't.  I ate the creamy top, the filled ones, the plain ones.... I couldn't stop. I couldn't stop.  

It's been a while since I've had a nightmare.  And I can't recall when I had one regarding food. Man oh man.  I guess that this has entered my subconscious and it's looking out for me.  

And I'm not really a big fan of cupcakes!  

I'm guessing you are noticing the new look of my blog.  My niece has been blogging for over a year.  Her blog is so cute that I wanted her to give me some tips.  She's extremely busy and sacrificed part of her 2 hours of alone time to help me.  

Thank you Sara!
Wednesdays are my long day.  
I need to plan both my lunch & my dinner.  Doesn't seem like a big deal but I have to remember to get it going in my store crock pot in time for me to eat by 5;30.  
I don't microwave anything.  I'm fortunate to have enough time to get things cooked the old fashioned way.  
I have fire spinning class tonight & afterwards I'm taking my first ZUMBA class.   Oh yeah... this fat chick's got rhythm babeeeee!
Millet recipe for the day
4 c veggie broth
1 c millet
1-4 garlic cloves
1-2 tsp garam masala
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp fresh ground pepper

Put all in pot & bring to boil.  Then let simmer until done.

Open up fridge & look in crisper.
Pull out veggies & slice/dice
Saute in olive oil until onions are clear.

When millet mixture is done add veggies to millet.

Now here's the hard part.  Let it sit for a day.  You know how some foods taste better the 2nd day?  Well this is one of them.

Form into patties & either bake or pan fry.  

Recipe update:
I made falafel's and they turned out fe-awful! 
They were wayyyy to moist and fell apart in the pan.  
They tasted ok but I'll need another go at it before I post the recipe.

12:12 pm
I was talking on the phone to my friend Gemini about the Fire Fest in July.  I'm the vendor coordinator.  My sister suggested I just take a picture of my phone but it just didn't happen. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Millet! Not just for the birds

1.  I'm eating too fast.  I gobble my food right in.  New habit starting right this minute:  slow down & actually TASTE the food.  Feel the textures in my mouth before swallowing.  Clean out my mouth before taking the next bite. 

2.  Every time I weigh myself I think of this guy.  He does this thing where he taps the scale 3 times before stepping on.  I have a special spot that I move my scale to.  It's in the middle of one of the designs on my bathroom floor.  If it's not balanced exactly in the middle then I feel like I'm not getting the right reading.

3. I bounced this morning for 20 mins & then put in dvd #2 that I got for free at the Salvation Army.  Turns out it's part of a set & I need exercise bands to go with the dvd.  I'll keep my eye open since I'm at various thrift stores every week. (I own a vintage clothing store.)

4.  This is the light fixture in my store.  Every day I just stare at it.  It's 89 hand blown pieces of glass.  No, not a Chihuly.  It's our Chihuly knock-off.

Millet! Millet! Millet!
As I said earlier this week I am eliminating my dependancy on brown & wild rice.  

Millet is an amazing grain.  Rather than fill up my blog with millet info you can go here and read all about it.

I love the flavor.  It's sweet and very easy to cook.

Basic directions:  1 c millet to 4 c water.  Bring to a boil & let simmer until water is absorbed. (About 30 mins.)

This morning I added a handful of almonds to the millet pot.  After cooking I added coconut butter, salt, pepper and nutritional yeast.  I scrambled up 2 eggs but it was more than enough b'fast without the eggs.  

Be prepared for millet recipes the rest of the week!
12:12 pm Monday: 
Green drink & organizing price tags.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Yes, we get SNOW in Reno.

Reno averages 8" of precipitation a year. Most of that is snow.
Today we're adding to that average.
Birdbath in our back yard.
Today's quote from
From experience we know that whenever we are truly awake and alive, we are also truly grateful.


David Steindl-Rast
Gratefulness, the Heart of Prayer
This morning I am grateful that I don't have to be to the store until 10.  I don't know how I'd manage my mornings if I had to be at a "normal" 8-5 job.  

I start my day around 6:30.  
Get up, do morning drink, pull out rebounder, jump 20-30 mins.  Today I added the Power Yoga video for 20 mins.  
Plan 3 meals.  Figure out what's for dinner & research recipes.
This morning:  boil chickpeas that soaked all night.  Make hummus & falafel's.  
Upload pic's & do blog.
Steve makes b'fast most of the time.  Today it's roasted red potatoes, veggies and scrambled eggs.
Make lunch
Take shower
Realize that it's 9:45 and be grateful that the hour sign on the door says "Open 10-ish to 6-ish".

How do you guys do it that have to be at work ON TIME at 8 in the morning?  
Seared Ahi tuna with roasted veggies
Sunday night's dinner  

In a small food processor:
1 tsp black pepper corns
1 TBS mustard powder (make sure it's 100% mustard with no corn starch or other ingredients)
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 hot thai chili diced with seeds and membrane removed
1 TBS olive oil
juice of 1/4-1/2 lemon
Process away.

Coat 1 side of ahi with mixture & put mixture side down on HOT skillet.

Coat other side of ahi with mixture.

Sear about 1-2 mins on each side.

Since this had been in the freezer I let it cook all the way thru.

Very very tasty!  

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Sunday

It's SNOWING in Reno and this is what I really want to do.
Miss Molly has the right idea.  Take a nap.  Don't get anything done on a day off.  Yeah well, she's a dog and what does she know??
First off: WI DAY!
Down 1 pound for a 3 week total of 11 pounds gone!
Scale said 221 this morning.  I was hoping for 219 but I'll take that next sunday.  

Today I'm trying to have a day without brown rice.  It's such a "crutch" food for me.  I don't want to develop an allergy to rice.  That would make me very very sad.  But again I'd move on. 

I also talked with Steve this morning about not having a starch with dinner; just a protein and veggies.  He's game. (god I love my man!)

Speaking of Steve he is just about 100% over his cold/flu/detox sickness.  We did an infra red sauna on Friday night and I think it pretty much got it out of his system.  

This week's new habits
1.  Two days without brown rice.  Possibly 3.  I will  start incorporating buckwheat & millet into our diet.
2.  I was at a thrift store & they were giving away dvd's.  I found this one and this one.
I will alternate doing those in the morning 5x.   I'll do this along with 30 mins on the rebounder and 15-30 mins practicing fire spinning.
3.  Finish cleaning out dresser.  All that's left is my jewelry & accessory drawer.

12:12 pm
12:12 Friday: selling masks to a customer.  He owns an ice cream shop & wanted something for the kid that holds the arrow sign directing people to his restaurant to wear.

12:12 saturday:  practicing spinning.
12:12 today:  Cleaning the bedroom.  The bed is covered with stuff I'm purging.
I'm in such denial about my body.  I think I'm thinner than I really am.  Seeing this photo and my HUGE arm makes me realize how much work I really need to do.

Time to get back to the bedroom.  

As we say in tie-dye world "Have a colorful day!"

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let's talk about food allergies

I realized that I really haven't talked about my food allergies and what I've gone thru in the past 8 years.

I'll start with the beginning when I was first diagnosed.

I sat on the couch and cried.  I mean cried hard.  Balled my eyes out.  For about two weeks I cried.  My life with food was OVER.  OVER!  Poor Steve.  He didn't know what to do, what to say.  He just kept saying "We'll figure this out together". 
I was vegetarian at the time and when I was told NO SOY I was stumped.  Now what? Everything has soy and if it doesn't have soy it has corn.  Now what do I do? 

I put on my big girl panties and dealt with it.  That's what I did.  

I sent the food do's & don'ts to my Mom.  "Let's deal with what you can have rather than look at what you can't."

Great advice.  I took it and ran with it.  

My friends and family try to understand and be supportive.  But then I feel like a burden.  

But like any food addict that falls off the wagon they have no clue if I'm being on program or eating whatever is put in front of me.  They've dealt with both.  Currently I'm 3 weeks on program and like any addict have visions of it being permanent.

I can't really go out to eat.  Here's an example why.  

P.F. Chang's opened here a couple of years ago.  Everyone who had gone was raving about their food.  Steve choose it as his b'day lunch location.

I have business cards printed up for the server to give to the chef.  One side has what I am allergic to, the other has what I can eat.

PF Chang's has gluten free soy sauce.  But I'm allergic to soy.  So no soy sauce on anything at a chinese place.  Most of the sauces are thickened with corn starch.  So no sauces please.  

I explain this to the server and give him the business card.  (And of course I pray that the chef doesn't spit in my food because of all my restrictions.)

I order a veggie shrimp dish.  It comes out and there's a brown sauce on it.  I taste it.  Tastes like soy. So I call over the server.  "This tastes like soy. I ordered my dish without any sauce."

He takes it back.  Comes back out later with a 2nd dish.  This time it has a creamy looking sauce.  Definitely has a corn starch look to it.  "Um... Sorry to be a pain but this still has a sauce on it that looks like it's got corn starch."

Takes it back.  Comes back out & says "The chef doesn't know what to do. "  
"Tell him to just make it dry.  He can do that, right?"

Third and final dish comes out.  Still has a sauce but I say screw it.  I'm hungry, Steve's finished his lunch so I'll just eat it.  

About 3 bites in my tongue starts to swell.  I've never ever had that happen.  And to this day it was the only time it's happened.  

I stop eating.  I'm fine. I can breathe and my tongue isn't doing any more swelling.  I call over the server.

"This has something in it that is causing a reaction.  We'll take it to go.  Steve will eat it."

There's no offer of "Sorry about all this.  We'll comp the meal."  

Instead I'm treated as if the chef's incompetence is my fault.  Call the manager over.  Again no offer of comp'ing my meal or apology.  

Her response: "I'm aware of what the chef was going thru to please you.  There seemed to be a communication issue between the server and the chef."  Aka It's my fault & the server's fault that the chef is an idiot. 

Me: "One day you'll have someone in here that will have a violent reaction because the chef was too lazy to make an allergy free meal.  You got off lucky with me.  I will never ever eat here again and I'll make sure that others with food allergies find out about my experience."

So don't eat at PF Chang's in Reno.  

I've been out with friends when all I could order is a plate of lettuce, avocado, salsa and fresh veggies.  And paying $12 for it.  

When invited over to dinner I offer to bring a dish that's "allergy friendly".  

So I cook.  At home.  A lot.   We entertain at our house inviting friends to eat here so that I can control what goes in the food.  And the majority of our friends are aware of my allergies and try to bring food that would work for me.  As much as I love that they do that I don't want them to sacrifice for my sake.

My allergies are genetic.  Chances are that my family has it.  I think that it's from my Father's side since I have a cousin who's on basically the same diet.  She's not been officially tested but her naturalpathic dr has put her on the same food restrictions. 

One of my favorite finds!
Steve made cheese-less pizza last night.  
Pesto, chicken, broccoli on one half,  pesto, bell peppers & kalmata olives on the other half.  YUM!

Me circa 1970-71.
My Sister told me last night that she just looks at the pictures on my blog.  "If I don't see you I don't read anything."

Here you go Sis.  Taken in the Fehring's back yard.  I have my stop sign glasses on that I got in 6th grade.  So I'm figuring 1970-71 ish.  No date on the back of the pic.  Some hair styles never change.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I feel clean inside

Almost three weeks of eating "clean" is making a huge difference in my world.  I feel clean inside. I don't really know how else to describe how I feel.  

I'm used to the routine of getting up and making plans for 3 meals along with 2 snacks.  
-Cranberry juice with apple cider & maple syrup:  check 
-Get water going for tea: check
-Open crisper & pull out all the veggies: check
-Grab container for salad and attempt to find matching top:  check (which btw:  Dear Glad, Zip lock and every other container company.  Why can't you just sell lids??  I've got plenty of bottoms and the lids seem to rip after a few dozen times of using.   And why do you have to "improve" each design.  The new & improved package of container lids don't work with your old and stale containers.  Arggg.)
-Get rice going for the day: check (I read on one of the anti-candida web sites that rice starts to mold pretty fast so it's best to make a day's worth at a time.)
-Figure out dinner & pull fish/chicken from freezer & get it in a container to marinade: check
-While eggs are going make salad for lunch:  check.

This morning was the first time where I felt like I didn't want to make anything.  I thought "I'll just order a sandwich from next door".  (There's a restaurant next door to our store.)  It takes me all of 3-5 minutes to make my lunch.  How silly to have that thought but it was the first time that an old habit has reared it's nasty ugly head.

I wonder if those thoughts will ever go away.  Taking the easy way out.  

Steve is still very sick.  And I am still very energetic.  Outside of his brain bleed I can't remember the last time he was down like this.  Poor guy.  But honestly (and I told him this last night) I'm really over him being sick.  He's also over himself being sick.

I had to cancel friends coming over tonight for  dinner.  She had been diagnosed with celiac about the same time as I had been.  She's married to a really nice guy but he doesn't do anything to help with her allergies.  It makes me really appreciate Steve.  Even though he doesn't have my issues he still does everything with me.  

My new favorite snack:

Mini bell peppers with home made hummus.

12:12 pm Weds:

Bill paying.
12:12 Thursday

Ok so this isn't really me doing the laundry but I had forgotten my camera so I figured I'd fake it.  And they're as thrilled as I was doing laundry.
As we say in the tie-dye business "Have a colorful day!" 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a week!

And it's only Thursday!

Oh Hurley.  Dude, I love you.

First off I'm a freak for Lost.  Last night's show was amazing.  I've dvr'ed it and plan on re-watching again today.  Great article:,,20253910,00.html

Secondly last night at fire spinning someone told me that Michelle is a hooper!  She loves to hula hoop.  This is one more reason for my Michelle Obama crush.  

And thirdly Nancy is home with my treasures from Quartzsite!

Some of the goodies Nancy brought back.

What I've made so far.

And speaking of fire spinning class I finally got a move down that  I've been wanting to learn since last summer.  Two of the teachers tag teamed me & made me break down slowly the move.  All of sudden it just clicked!

I hated to leave class early but come on... Lost is on!  I've waited 9 months for that show.  I'll take the movement class next week.  
Steve is sick.  This cleanse is hitting him hard.  Poor guy.  He's slept on the couch (his choice not mine) for the past 2 nights.  His sinus's are in pain, he's got a rash on his forehead and he switches between chills and sweats.  

He's been taking apple cider baths to help remove the toxins coming to his skin.  

I've been adding fresh ginger to his tea and extra garlic in most of his meals.  We'll get this bug out of him. 

I, on the other hand, am feeling full of energy, spunk and loving my successful life today!

12:12 pm Weds

 I left the camera at the store.  I'll up load it tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Onion peeling

Ok.  Here's the deal.

I'm fat. 

Honestly that's not a surprise but to me it's hard to face.  I don't feel comfortable in my skin.  I don't feel comfortable in my environment. I don't feel comfortable around others.  I force myself at times to be sociable.  If you were to meet me in person you'd be surprised that I have these feelings.

Most of my friends are thin.  I see those shows on TV about fat women bonding together and losing weight together.  "We got fat together, we're going to get skinny together."  That's never ever going to happen with my friends.  I weigh about 90-100 pounds more than my 3 closest friends.  

I'm extremely active for a woman of my size.  I've got great rhythm and hate to leave a dance floor.  As much as I love Steve I've given in to the idea that he just has white man's rhythm.  He tries really really  hard to keep up with me on the dance floor but usually I just ditch him & dance either with my friends or by myself.  I'm constantly dancing in the store & will make customers dance with me.

I hike, bike ride and walk.  

But I'm still fat.

I don't feel sexy at all.  I've never been a girly girl feminine person.  I don't wear make up, do my nails and my hair is pretty much thrown back in a pony tail.  

I'm into fashion but don't dress that way.  (I'm LOVING Michelle Obama with her clothing choices.  It's soooo fantastic to have fashion back in the White House.)  I can dress a mannequin, customers, friends but still stand in front of my closet in a quandary of what to wear. 

I never thought at 48 I'd be one of those people who say "I've struggled with my weight my whole life."  Why does it have to be a struggle??  Why can't it be a success?  I want to say "I've been a success with my weight my whole life".  

People who've seen me lose 115 pounds and then gain 50 of it back I'm sure are thinking "she was doing so great".   They're probably not.  It's just my own insecurities.

I've been successful with my food for the past 2.5 weeks.  
I am successful with my food.
I am successful with my food.
I am successful with my food.
I am successful with my weight.
I am successful with my weight.
I am successful with my weight.

I am successful.

12:12 pm

Making rice cake & hummus.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bush is OVER!

Happy OBAMA Day

Need I say more?

12:12 pm Monday
Hagey hanging out in the store.

Hagey is an amazing man.  For years he had the International Burner Hostel out at Burning Man.

I decided to post about him today because he really represents all the good in America.  Every year he opens his home to international travelers either heading out to Burning Man or to people who just need a place to lay their head while traveling during the year.

I'm so glad that I can call Hagey a friend.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm out of salt.

This may not seem like a big deal but it is.  I don't eat regular table  salt.  You might just call me a salt snob.

This stems back from when I was a raw foodist and was teaching classes.  Salt is a big deal in the raw food world.  I use only Himalayan sea crystals.  I would teach a whole class on salt and the differences.  

Anyway I had a couple of cases left over after I had quit teaching and I figured it would last me a few years.  I sold one or two bags to former students over the years and this morning when I went to look for a box I was OUT!  What? HuH?  

Now I'm saltless and I have to order.  I have to wait for it to come.  In the meantime I'll have to lower my standards to the regular sea salt.
Basic Hummus recipe

Soaked & cooked chick peas

Hummus in the food processor
Steve & I were both craving snack foods.  He suggested hummus but I had read to stay away from canned food while doing anti-candida.

No reason why we couldn't do it from dried beans.

So last night I soaked 2 c dried chick peas in water.  I covered the beans with about 2" water on top of the beans.  This made about 4c soaked peas.

This morning I rinsed the chick peas & cooked until soft;  about 2 hours. You can probably put them in your crock pot all day & make the hummus after coming home from work.

Basic hummus:
In your food processor put:
1-2 c chick peas
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 tsp salt
1-2 tsp cumin

Blend until smooth. 

Normally you would ad tahini (sesame butter) but since sesames are out on anti-candida according to Linda Page I used almond butter.  

My first batch with almond butter was very thick and took a while to season up.

I opted out on the 2nd batch.

Today in batch #1 I roasted bell peppers, onions and garlic and added it along with cracked pepper.

In batch #2 I added left over pesto along with kalmata olives.

This will keep for about 3 days in the fridge.  Remember since we're fighting mold in our bodies you don't want to add any from leftovers.  You can also freeze in small containers for future use.

12:12 pm Sunday

Working on Sunday's blog. And the mess in front of my computer.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I love Sundays

VH1 Presents:

This guy's train wreck of a love life. And my Sunday Morning entertainment.

Steve & get to sleep in on Sundays in the winter. The store is closed & we're not on the road. We usually start our morning with CBS Sunday Morning. 

I enjoy all the reality shows on VH1.  "Rock of Love Bus", "Tool Academy", and "Confessions of a Teen Idol" are my Sunday Morning ritual.   

This morning was a bit different.  I decided instead of slugging on the couch or bed I'd have that sense of accomplishment I love so much. So it's off to watch tv & start on that energy drainer aka my dresses.

My dresser is a wreck.  But this morning I started to organize, throw away, clean and deal with the energy drainer that holds my undies. And I did this all while watching my VH1 train wreck shows.

Dresser before
Top drawer after
Not only did I clean out the top drawer but I threw away single socks, holy undies, bra's missing hooks and a few other things.  

I also threw away two important pieces of clothing.  One was my "green thing" and the other a black turtle neck.  I've had both for over 15 years and they were my "throw on and hang around the house tops".  I've had a longer relationship with those than I have with my husband.  

I cried but I moved forward.  I have plenty of long sleeve t's (I'm in the clothing business for goodness sake).   If these had been Steve's I would have made him get rid of them years ago. 

Part of moving forward is letting go of the past.  It may only be 2 pieces of clothing to you but to me it was part of me.  Big, loose and comforting.  Time to be proud of what I wear and how I represent myself via my clothing even if it is in the privacy of my own home.

Today's Recipe:
Steve's Jerusalem artichoke & red potato hash browns with poached eggs
Steve woke up this morning & said "I'm thinking hash browns this morning but I'm going to add Jerusalem artichokes."

3-4 pieces JA
3-4 red potatoes
All shreaded

In a heavy pan add oil (we only use olive oil) 

Add JA/potato mixture.

Cook until done.

He topped ours with poached eggs.  YUM!!!
12:12 pm Saturday

Finishing up new napkins.
WI:  Down 4 for 10 pounds lost!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Saturday Saturday

"Did you get your tickets?"
That's been the big question this week in my world.  What tickets?  Why the tickets to BURNINGMAN!  Tickets went on sale this past Wednesday.  

Normally my friend Katie in New Jersey and I buy our tickets at the same time.  We go online together and see who gets theirs first.  Last year she cheered me on.  She was getting a performer's ticket (she's a fire spinner) so she didn't need to get one. 

This year I'm getting a free ticket (I'm doing work for the local BM resource guide) and have been offered a performer's ticket.  Plus I had probably a dozen people offer me tickets last year the month before Burning Man.  

Steve informed me a few weeks ago that he may sit this year out.  Did I think "Oh no! Please come!" Nope.  Instead I thought "But who will put up the shade structure and the evaporation pool for the solar shower??"  

Radical self reliance.  Guess I'm going to have to learn the basic principle of BM. 
Today's recipe
Scallops with wilted spinach & garlic

Steve splurged at Costco & bought a big bag of frozen scallops. 

Very simple recipe today.

4-6 thawed scallops
1 TBS olive oil

In a hot pan add olive oil.  Seer scallops on both sides.  Salt & pepper.

1-2 cloves garlic chopped up
2-3 handfuls of spinach

In same pan as scallops add spinach & garlic.  

Cook until both are done.

We ate it over brown rice pasta.  YUM!

12:12 pm
Helped customer (Eric) with a skirt.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Splinters, Shopping, Soup and Sushi

I pee.  A lot.
Let's break down the reason I pee so much.
1.  Upon rising: 12-16 oz of water with cranberry concentrate, apple cider vinegar and maple syrup followed by a rinse of same glass with another 10-12 oz of water.
2.  Hot green tea with breakfast.
3.  Hot Pau d'arco tea mid morning
4.  Green drink:  12-16 oz of water followed by a rinse or 2 of the same glass 10-12 oz each time
5.  More hot tea late afternoon.
6.  Water with each meal
7.  Hot chamomile tea in the evening.
All this means I pee.  A lot.
Thursday is my day off from the store.  I spent most of the day in my pj's.  The only time I got dressed was to take a package to Fed Ex.  (BTW:  Have you ever noticed the arrow between the E X?  You will now.)

I thought I'd hit my two favorite ethnic markets and pick up a few things.  
Big score on cilantro:  2 big bunches for .40!  
And this is leading up to the SPLINTER part of today's blog.

I bought a baby coconut to make thai soup.  
After hacking off the top & pouring out the liquid into the pot I hacked the coconut in half.  
I grabbed both halves and split it. Got the splinter under my thumb nail.  Yeah.  
Here's a tip for you.  When you go to buy a hatchet go to an Oriental market.  That baby is sharp, has it's own cover, is balanced  and is a great weight.  $14!  
Thai soup recipe

In a large stock pot:

1-2 qts of water
Chicken pieces (this is optional.  You can use any protein.)
1-2 tsp salt
Ground pepper
Juice from 1 coconut, put flesh into small food processor & blend until rice consistency 
Fresh lemon grass cut in 1-2" pieces
1/4 c thai basil (also known as Holy Basil)
1/4 c cilantro
1" fresh ginger peeled & diced small
1-2 tsp ground coriander
1-2 tsp ground cumin
1 hot chili with seeds & veins removed, cut into very tiny tiny pieces
Open crisper & see what veggies you have.  Cut into pieces and add to soup.
1-2 c cooked brown rice (I cook up a big pot of rice every other day so it's always on hand)

Bring to boil & let boil for 15 mins.  Then lower heat & let simmer for a while or until Steve gets home & says "Something smells great".


I've been wanting to make sushi since we started this anti-candida diet.  Pretty much everything I've read says that sea veggies are a great anti-fungal.  To me sea veggies = sushi.

I bought my sushi roller (the bamboo stick thing that you roll sushi with) at an Asian market years ago.  They're cheap.  I think less that $2.  

I decided to make canned tuna sushi.

In a mini food processor:
1/2" fresh ginger peeled, cubed and cut into chunks
Juice of 1/4 lemon
1/4 c fresh cilantro
1/2 c fresh spinach
1 tsp whole coriander
1 tsp whole cumin
1/4 tsp salt
Remove blade
Open can of tuna, pour tuna juice into dog's bowl (optional), using fork flake up tuna & put into processor with green mixture.

Step 2:
Open crisper.  See what veggies you've got.
Wash & slice thinly.

Take sushi roller & cover with plastic wrap.  

Lay 1 piece nori on sushi roller
Smush rice onto nori leaving about 1" of nori on all edges clean
Do 1 strip of tuna filling
Lay veggies in strip

These will keep for a day or 2.  Of course this means that you'd have to ignore the fact that they're in the fridge calling out to you.

Rice hand from rolling sushi.