Thursday, January 15, 2009

12:12 pm

My niece Lisa is taking pictures of what she is doing every day at 7:15 pm.  I'm copying her & taking pictures of myself at 12:12 pm.  

I chose 12:12 pm because my birthday is 12/12.

Monday 1/12: Talking on the phone & mixing my green drink.

Tuesday 1/13:  Pricing these jewels.

Wednesday 1/14:  selling a backpack to this girl.  Her friend took the picture for me.

No new recipe today.  Sorry.  

Last night I had my 2nd fire spinning class.  I didn't want to go because I hadn't practiced.  But Steve said I needed to go.  It needs to be a habit not something to avoid.

I'm really glad I went.  I saw a few friends I've not seen since last year and my friend Gemini worked one on one with me.  

I'm committing right here right now to 20-30 mins of daily practice.  No reason why I can't.  If I can find time to play online games I can find time to practice.

Anyway after the class one of choreographers taught a movement class.  60 minutes of making my muscles wake up was tough but I felt great afterwards.  The more I do the more my body will thank me.

Enjoy your day!

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vegas_chic said...

So true, if we have time for online stuff then we certainly have time for other things. What is a movement class? Sounds interesting.