Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Sunday

It's SNOWING in Reno and this is what I really want to do.
Miss Molly has the right idea.  Take a nap.  Don't get anything done on a day off.  Yeah well, she's a dog and what does she know??
First off: WI DAY!
Down 1 pound for a 3 week total of 11 pounds gone!
Scale said 221 this morning.  I was hoping for 219 but I'll take that next sunday.  

Today I'm trying to have a day without brown rice.  It's such a "crutch" food for me.  I don't want to develop an allergy to rice.  That would make me very very sad.  But again I'd move on. 

I also talked with Steve this morning about not having a starch with dinner; just a protein and veggies.  He's game. (god I love my man!)

Speaking of Steve he is just about 100% over his cold/flu/detox sickness.  We did an infra red sauna on Friday night and I think it pretty much got it out of his system.  

This week's new habits
1.  Two days without brown rice.  Possibly 3.  I will  start incorporating buckwheat & millet into our diet.
2.  I was at a thrift store & they were giving away dvd's.  I found this one and this one.
I will alternate doing those in the morning 5x.   I'll do this along with 30 mins on the rebounder and 15-30 mins practicing fire spinning.
3.  Finish cleaning out dresser.  All that's left is my jewelry & accessory drawer.

12:12 pm
12:12 Friday: selling masks to a customer.  He owns an ice cream shop & wanted something for the kid that holds the arrow sign directing people to his restaurant to wear.

12:12 saturday:  practicing spinning.
12:12 today:  Cleaning the bedroom.  The bed is covered with stuff I'm purging.
I'm in such denial about my body.  I think I'm thinner than I really am.  Seeing this photo and my HUGE arm makes me realize how much work I really need to do.

Time to get back to the bedroom.  

As we say in tie-dye world "Have a colorful day!"

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MizFit said...

cant wait to hear what you think of incorporating the buckwheat and millet in!

I shall follow your lead.

I hope.