Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bush is OVER!

Happy OBAMA Day

Need I say more?

12:12 pm Monday
Hagey hanging out in the store.

Hagey is an amazing man.  For years he had the International Burner Hostel out at Burning Man.

I decided to post about him today because he really represents all the good in America.  Every year he opens his home to international travelers either heading out to Burning Man or to people who just need a place to lay their head while traveling during the year.

I'm so glad that I can call Hagey a friend.


Katschi (Karen) said...

LOL! you make me smile every time you show up!!!
YEAH! BA BYE BUSH! See ya wouldn't wanna be ya!!!!
Good Riddance.
And I'm Canadian :)
I've only ever seen a doc on Burning Man.
Never been.
How was the experience and do you go often?
btw, my word verification was 'cremed' which is totally unfair to a fat girl. :)

twinkelydots said...

This will be my 7th year. I'm fortunate to live close (90 miles) from the site. There's a huge BM community here in Reno.

I own a store in Reno that's half tie-dye & half vintage clothing, art work, incense and stuff that caters to the Burning Man community.

Last year I was involved with 3 different big art installations. This year I'm cutting back & only working with Controlled Burn (www.controlledburnreno.com).

I really enjoy your posts & look forward to reading them daily. And you always give me a chuckle or 2.

Marvin said...

I feel the same way as you do, finally we are free of George the II.

meandww said...

I am Canadian...and I was glued to the TV all day yesterday, celebrating right a long with you!

vegas_chic said...

I celebrated with MUCH champagne. Not good for the weight loss but good for the soul :).