Friday, January 23, 2009

I feel clean inside

Almost three weeks of eating "clean" is making a huge difference in my world.  I feel clean inside. I don't really know how else to describe how I feel.  

I'm used to the routine of getting up and making plans for 3 meals along with 2 snacks.  
-Cranberry juice with apple cider & maple syrup:  check 
-Get water going for tea: check
-Open crisper & pull out all the veggies: check
-Grab container for salad and attempt to find matching top:  check (which btw:  Dear Glad, Zip lock and every other container company.  Why can't you just sell lids??  I've got plenty of bottoms and the lids seem to rip after a few dozen times of using.   And why do you have to "improve" each design.  The new & improved package of container lids don't work with your old and stale containers.  Arggg.)
-Get rice going for the day: check (I read on one of the anti-candida web sites that rice starts to mold pretty fast so it's best to make a day's worth at a time.)
-Figure out dinner & pull fish/chicken from freezer & get it in a container to marinade: check
-While eggs are going make salad for lunch:  check.

This morning was the first time where I felt like I didn't want to make anything.  I thought "I'll just order a sandwich from next door".  (There's a restaurant next door to our store.)  It takes me all of 3-5 minutes to make my lunch.  How silly to have that thought but it was the first time that an old habit has reared it's nasty ugly head.

I wonder if those thoughts will ever go away.  Taking the easy way out.  

Steve is still very sick.  And I am still very energetic.  Outside of his brain bleed I can't remember the last time he was down like this.  Poor guy.  But honestly (and I told him this last night) I'm really over him being sick.  He's also over himself being sick.

I had to cancel friends coming over tonight for  dinner.  She had been diagnosed with celiac about the same time as I had been.  She's married to a really nice guy but he doesn't do anything to help with her allergies.  It makes me really appreciate Steve.  Even though he doesn't have my issues he still does everything with me.  

My new favorite snack:

Mini bell peppers with home made hummus.

12:12 pm Weds:

Bill paying.
12:12 Thursday

Ok so this isn't really me doing the laundry but I had forgotten my camera so I figured I'd fake it.  And they're as thrilled as I was doing laundry.
As we say in the tie-dye business "Have a colorful day!" 

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pamsterish said...

MMMMMMMmmmmmmm, the hummus and little colorful peppers look awesome.