Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!
It's February 1st!

(Why do cartoon characters seem to have shirts but no pants?  
Isn't it "No Shirts, No Shoes, No service?")
Do you know about the tradition of saying "Rabbit rabbit rabbit" on the first day of the month?It's suppose to bring you good luck for the rest of the month.  My friend Maddy has said that it's ok to talk to your animals first and then say it.  Love that Maddy.
Scale check in time
Down 13 pounds since Jan 5th!!!
This puts me below wedding weight. 
This puts me below Jan 1, 2008 weight.
And this puts me only 20 pounds until that beautiful place we call ONEderland! 
In yesterday's blog I talked about wanting to binge & my two challenges.

The desire to binge is gone. I don't know if it was blogging about it or talking with my friend Michelle about it.  
"You just have to keep on keeping on."  Said Michelle yesterday.  She's so fantastic about helping me stay motivated.  She brought me a clave sounding percussion instrument to the store.  "It's for you to play with when you're dancing around the store."
I love that Michelle.

"Ok.  Tell me about your diet and what you're doing and why you're doing it."  says my French friend last night.
Mr. T'dots  & I explain the anti-candida diet.  
"No wine" I say
"No problem.  I wasn't planning on wine tonight since I had lots of wine last night."
"No chocolate" I say
"No problem.  But can I still eat it?"
"Of course!"

Mr. T'dots made scallops with pesto, sauteed veggies & brown rice pasta for dinner.

She loved it!

"I thought it would be bland, boring food."

Nope.  Not for the T'dots family! 

Mr. T'dots is right!  This is easy.
This is easy.
This is easy.
12:12 saturday:  Forgot the camera.
This is from yesterday morning in our back yard.
We have many many pieces of yard art.  I love how the frost outlines everything & the morning sun hits it so that it looks like it's got crystals all over.

Tulip with our compost pile behind.
(Click on the pictures so you can see the close up of the furry ice crystals.)


vegas_chic said...

YAY for below wedding weight and being so close to Onederland. Glad there was no resistance for your dietary decisions last night too :). It's nice when people learn that veggies can taste just as good as any other food.

I'm also glad your binge urge is gone, it makes life so much more pleasant.

Michelle said...

We are within two pounds of the same weight. You have motivated me to get back on board and get to onederland. I'm going for a walk and getting my mojo back on!

Sara Ancich said...

Hooray for your weight can do anything you put your mind to! Keep it up!