Saturday, February 21, 2009

Take a deeppppp breath!

Enjoy the moment.
Calmly. Peacefully. Seriously.
Photo taken at a nursery in So Cal.

So many things to do today but right now it's time to relax and enjoy the moment.  Breathe.  Sit up straight and place both feet flat under your desk.  Breathe.  Deep fillupthelungs breath. Exhale.  Do it again.  

Write the word BREATHE on a post-it & put it on your monitor so that you'll remember to breathe.  

Now it's time to face the day.  Or evening.  Depends on when you're reading this. ;-)

This is what I have to tackle over the next few days at the store.  I scored 24 petticoats while I was in So Cal.  I've started to wash them and they'll need new elastic, mending and some will get dyed.  

Thinking about this drains my energy.  

Just like the thought of weight loss drains my energy I know it's something that I alone have to tackle.  

Each petticoat will be dealt with one at a time.  

Each bite, meal, ounce and pound will be dealt with one at time.

I have to make plans for each meal.  I have to make plans for each petticoat.

I have to make sure I have all the elements on hand for both to be a success.  

Elastic, thread, washer, dye to make the petticoats presentable.

Fresh food not full of preservatives or chemicals to make the food presentable.

Judging my success with the petticoats by how they sell.

Judging my success with weight by how I feel/look.

Amazing how we can correlate daily activities with the connection to weight.
12:12 pm
Lunch time!  Enjoying mini bell peppers with humus.

I love love love mini bells.  Costco sells a giant bag that Mr T'dots & I will devour in 2 maybe 3 days.  They're sweet and go great with humus.


Dina said...

After years of complaining about them, I've finally come around to how awesome bell peppers are. I'll have to try the minis.

Love the glasses :)

MizFit said...

ooooooooooooooh. JEALOUS.

for some reason I have a bee in my bonnet to own petticoats.

not that my notion of petticoats and flipflops would even LOOK NICE---------but I want em :)

Tricia said...

I've never tried those mini-bells but I always pick up the bag and look at it and then put it back down and grab cucumbers. But I'm pretty bored with cukes, so maybe next time I'll try putting them in my cart.

I gotta remember to post-it my monitor on Monday with's such a simple thing, but that place makes me forget all about it. Thanks for the advice!