Thursday, February 12, 2009

It never rains in Southern California

But when it does rain it pours!!

Lots of things to blog about today.
1. Lost: If you've DVR'd this skip to #2.
Here's my questions from last night: Is Jack/Clair's dad Jacob?
How does Charlotte know Korean?
I still don't trust Ben.
I loved the look on Sawyer's face when he saw Jin.
I feel so sorry for Daniel Faraday.
Miles "Don't look at me. I don't speak Korean. I'm from Encino!" Ummmm Miles. No you're the Dahrma guy's kid. You're from the Island.
Will Locke come back to life once he's brought back to the island?

2. Update on my Mom.

After calling her Elizabeth Taylor yesterday & giving her a 2nd pain pill (it's ok. The bottle said take 1-2 every 6 hours) she's doing great. Tomorrow we go to the dr and have her cast removed.

The pain pills really knock her out and she is sleeping hours on end. Today she's trying it without the pain pills because she's so afraid of becoming Elizabeth Taylor. Seriously Mom it's not going to happen. Honestly I think she's missing her 1 glass of wine with dinner.

3. I'm getting stuff done!

My Sister called me a "jewelry designer" last night. In all the years I've been doing bead work I've never ever thought of myself as a "designer". I just thought of myself as a beader. Funny but I guess she's right.

She's my biggest fan & wears my stuff all the time. She said that she tells people that I'm a jewelry designer and that it's one of my pieces. Huh. Well whatcha think of that??

I'm getting beading done & I'm planning on switching to sewing over the weekend.

4. Let's talk about plastic surgery.

No matter where I go here there are woman that have really destroyed their faces.

Today in Trader Joe's there was a woman in line next to me. Her face was pulled tighter than Van Gogh's canvas. Hello botox! Hello silicone lips!

Honestly what's the first step to having something done? There's no way her ID looks like her. Meow catty? Sure. But outside of having my underarm flags removed, my boob's lifted and my fatty apron removed there's no way I'd have something done to my face. (This from the 48 year old who got carded last fall thank-you-very-much.)

Image, Image, Image.

Hard to believe I grew up in this area. I wonder how my outlook would be if I still lived in La La Land.
5. Funny thing I saw today:

In the parking lot at Trader Joes was a van with the sign "The Meadows-A VINTAGE Senior living center".

Vintage Senior? What the hell does that mean?

6. Food & Diet

I am so on plan it's crazy. I'm cooking every meal. Loving it and so is Mom.

She's been reading my Dr. Linda Page book off & on today. She is also of the "if it can hurt you you can be healed by food" mindset.

Every morning she has an orange before having anything else. She eats whole grains, lots of veggies and is incredibly healthy. Yes she has her "treats". Her latest is the microwaveable hotdogs that are 2 to a package.

But I figure she's 85 and only takes BP meds. She must know what she's doing.

No pictures until I get home. DSL still isn't installed. And dial up is just tooooooo frustrating.

Enjoy your life until we check in again!


Losing Waist! said...

Yes! The plastic surgery thing is funny because the ones (like Joan Rivers) probably would have looked better leaving that shit alone! They end up looking like scary aliens!

Jealous! I have lived most of my life in Cities with Trader Joes... Spokane does not have them...BBBOOO!

vegas_chic said...

Sorry to take so long reading your blog again sweetie, been in kind of a funk but am coming out of it.

I hear ya on the plastic. While I do plan to have loose skin removed at some point (if I ever get to goal), I'm afraid of the whole face thing. And wow, carded :). And GREAT to read that you are happily staying with your program.