Friday, February 6, 2009

Today I feel content

Today I feel rushed.  I feel content but rushed.
I have to get everything done for my big road trip tomorrow.
There are things to get done at the store:
1.  Pack up pottery for artist in Laguna.  She wants it back for a show & it's not really selling anymore.
2.  Pack up all my jewelry.  My Sister is my biggest fan & she wears my stuff all the time.  Turns out her coworkers may be interested in buying a piece or 2.  Yeah!  Can you say "trip is now a write off?"!
3.  Pack clothes which means laundry.
4.  Double up on supplements.  Shopping tonight.  Arggg.
5.  Load van with sewing machine, fabric & patterns.  Goal:  10 vests.
6.  Gas up car.  
7.  Figure out food to eat on road.  
8.  Figure out which small appliances I can take & let Mr. T'dots still have things around to help him with his daily food.

I feel rushed but it's going to be just fine.

I'm pretty sure I can blog at my Sisters but we'll see about AOL & Moms.  

Weight goal while I'm gone:  I'd love to come back & be under 215.  Scale this morning said 217. Totally do-able.

Be nice to each other while I'm gone.  Play fair & say "Please" and "Thank you".

12:12 pm 
Changing the mannequins to Valentines meets Mardi Gras.
I love the reflection of the sky in this picture.
Storm's coming in!

This picture is from later in the day.  
Mr. T'dots  hung these from the ceiling above the mannequins.


Teri said...

Travel safe and come by Pismo!!! Tell Mommy, I love her and still use her mug. Maybe I can take a day trip and come see you and do some thrift store shopping???

Husband loves you and thinks your the smartest friend I have.

Insults said...

Good luck with your mission! Any new year resolutions I made went out the window so long ago now it is not even funny!