Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Body image follow up

First off I want to thank everyone for the comments & phone calls yesterday.  It really made me feel good about who & what I am.

I had a chance with the same customer yesterday morning.  I had been vacuuming in the back stock room & didn't hear the door.  

I came out to find him standing with a friend of his.  

"This is Mimi.  This is Marie."
"Hi Marie. My name's Lauren."
In no way did I want to make him feel bad.  He's a fun natured guy and I know that it wasn't said in spite.  I put it into the same category as the time when Mr. T'dots said to a friend after she had gotten a drastic hair cut "It makes you look like a soccer Mom."  
Not the words she wanted to hear but the best way he could think of to complement her. 

"You're not wearing your crazy clothes."  I was wearing jeans, long sleeve tie-dye t-shirt and my hair pulled back into a pony.

"I don't dress like that every day.  This is who I am. I have to tell you that I really don't consider myself to be flamboyant.  I think of myself as 'free spirited'. I'm not Mimi.  Her character was mean, spiteful and played practical jokes to harm.  I understand that you didn't call me Mimi in spite.  But I'd prefer if you'd call me Lauren."

He apologized.  I apologized for making him feel guilty.  I believe we cleared the air.  

Sorry Mimi.  Lauren's here to stay.
Molly and her new friend
A very very bored dog.
If you click on the photo you can get a better look at part of the store.

Why is Molly at the store?  Monday afternoon one of our neighbors drove by the store to tell us that Molly had CHEWED her way thru the gate.  She was in the front yard.  He put her back in the yard and put a few things in front of the gate.

Mr. T'dots went home and found her in the front yard.  Sure enough she had chewed thru the wooden gate.  

We normally dog sit mon-fri but the owner has been sick so no Enzo.  She & Enzo play for hours on end. I guess separation anxiety?  

Mr. T'dots fixed the gate & then inspected the fence to make sure there weren't anymore escape routes.  

I brought her to the store in the afternoon to hang.  She loves being there but gets bored. 
Last night's dinner
Salmon loaf & roasted veggies
Salmon loaf is one of my Mom's recipes.  I loved it as a kid & love it even more as an adult. Comfort food.

Pre-heat oven 350
In a small baking dish:
Open 1 can of salmon & pour into dish.  Separate out bones & skin.  (I usually put the skin into Molly's food & the bones back into the can.)
1 green onion cut up fine
1 piece of celery cut up fine
Hint of cayenne pepper
1-2 TBS brown rice flour
Crack 1 egg over mixture.
Now get your hands messy & mix all together.  Form into giant patty.
Bake 35-40 mins.  
Thanks MOM!

12:12 pm
Mr. T'dots modeling a Mardi Gras head dress


Graized said...

Poor dog.... Mine doesn't get much interaction time with other dogs, so when she does, she tends to play too rough. I don't know what I'm gonna do about it, but something needs to be done.

She's being given more and more freedom. recently. We now let her have free reign of the kitchen and the computer room/spare bedroom. We block off the front of the house including the living room with a gate and close the doors to our bedroom and bathroom.

Maybe if she's good we'll take down the gate and leave animal planet on all day for her. ;)

vegas_chic said...

Ah, she looks so sad in that picture. I'm so glad you cleared the air with that customer, so you don't have to be called "Mimi" anymore :). YAY YOU!!

twinkelydots said...

We do call her "Melancholy Molly"

pamsterish said...

Hope customer spent some $$ in your store, too!

Give Molly the hot-pepper-eating dog some scritches for Hammy!!

G. Harrison said...

Good follow-up post re the customer, and how you handled the situation. Quiet diplomacy - powerful stuff.

re the two books mentioned back at It Strikes Me Funny -

I picked up both at Chapters but Sliced Iguana was a "bargain book - 80% off" (couple of years ago, I had five bucks in my pocket), and The Upside of Down, by Thomas Homer-Dixon, is a Canadian book and may not have been picked up in the US.

I'm having similar problems getting a book by a US author, Tom Miller. His latest, Trading with the Enemy (a re-issue or update), is re Cuba, another country I'll likely never get to visit.

Let's keep digging - they gotta be out there.