Monday, February 2, 2009


He saw his shadow.  Six more weeks of winter.  
Super Hero Super BOWLing partayyyyy!

Who am I?  Why I'm SUPER Burner!  Here to make sure you truly enjoy your Burning Man experience.  I have extra goggles, dust masks and the very important EmergenC.  Can't let you get dehydrated.  Bored?  Let me fire spin for you.
Never fear!  TIE DYE GUY is here!
Able to bring a smile to your face, color to your wardrobe and bowling with an orange colored bowling ball it's TIE-DYE GUY to the rescue!

We had a good turn out.  We laughed and bowled for about 2 hours.  
I was concerned about food but Mr. T'dots packed some snacks for us.  We ended up sharing with a couple of other players since no one wanted to order greasy food.  

This was easy! (My new mantra)
This was easy!
This was easy!
12:12 pm Sunday
Finished cleaning off the dresser!  Yeah!


Teri said...

Loved your superhero outfit! Good for you for not eating bowling alley food, that is sure to kill you!

vegas_chic said...

What a CUTE outfit, I love it. I'm glad you didn't burn the bowling alley down. And what a great guy, bringing snacks for ya! I admit it would be hard for me to go to a bowling alley and not want fries and beer, but then I haven't been to one in decades so it's really not an issue!

Sara Ancich said...

who is Mr. t Dots? Uncle Steve?