Sunday, February 22, 2009

20 pounds gone! GONE GONE GONE!!!!

212 212 212 212! 
20 pounds!!!!!! Gone!  Lost!
SOMEONE NOTICED without me saying ANYTHING!!!

I can't even begin to tell you how healthy and happy I feel.  
My normal WI day is sunday.  I stepped on the scale yesterday & stepped off.  "212? Really?" Step back on.  Yup. 212.  

Then it sunk in.  "I've lost 20 pounds. Twenty T W E N T Y pounds!"  I whooped, hollered and danced down the hallway.  Ohhhhhh.  This is so worth it. 

The next big celebration:  209.  That puts me at 10%.    Oh yeah.  

Funny thing:  when I gained weight & got to 212 I wasn't celebrating.  I was pissed.  Mad. Angry and disappointed at myself for getting to be that size.  Now I'm thrilled to be down to that weight.  Make sense? 

Then to top it off a customer said yesterday "You've lost weight!"  

Not "Have you lost weight?" but a statement of fact.  "You've lost weight."  

I hugged her for being the first to notice.  

Then she said "I need to lose 10 pounds by July."
"10 pounds by July?  Easy peasie."  I say.  

She was trying on clothes & felt fat.  "Listen Melissa you're at the weight I'd love to be at. I know you feel fat but right now you're my goal."

I don't know if that made her feel better but it was true.

Good by fat.  Hellooooo health!
Mardi Gras party 2/21/09

We sponsored the Reno Blues Society's Mardi Gras party. One more reason for dress up!  

I took a top hat, added netting to the back that hung down past my pony tail and added peacock feathers to fan out along the top.

Leather corset, fishnets, cut off purple jacket, lime green petti pants and green Doc Martens finished off the outfit.  Oh and I added a net bustle to the rear ala Moulin Rouge. 

Mr. T'dots is wearing his black zoot suit with purple pants, silver glitter shoes and a pink boa.

We didn't win the costume contest but it's ok.  We lost to some fantastic costumes.

I'll post close ups of the hat tomorrow.  It's what I was making at 12:12.


Dina said...

Great outfit, you should have won!

And way to go on losing 20 pounds, that's terrific! :)

Tricia said...

I so wanna hang out with you and play dress-up. No one in my real life is that fun! Great costume and way to GO on the 20 pounds, YAY!

Perry said...
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wildfluffysheep said...

Kudos on the twenty pounds!

I must say it does feel great when some one notices you've lost weight. I got a small compliment this week and was on top of the world so I can only begin to imagine how you feel after such a great comment.

Just found your blog. Love what I am reading.

Mary - A Merry Life said...

Congrats on 20 pounds. Thats great! And the more you lose the more people will notice and comment positively.