Friday, February 20, 2009


This is how I feel today:
So many things to get done & so many ways to look at my tasks.
I have 1001+ things to do at the store.  I start a project but then get distracted by another. Owner ADhD.  Ooooo! Shiney Things!  

The other thing that's distracting me is the weather.  It's a warm & beautiful 50 today in Reno. We turned off the heater & left the door open for the dog at the house.  People are riding bikes and the skate park is full.  

We're suppose to have another big storm hit us this weekend.  So I'll grab the warmth when I can.

I'm also basking in the glow of losing 19 pounds.  I'm wearing a sweater today that was wayyy too tight over the holidays.  I had "bra smile" pretty bad.  Today it fits!  No bra smile for this gal.

One thing that I've missed is feeling "cute".  I'm not a "cute" kind of gal.  But today I do feel cute.  When one weighs 214 one doesn't think of cute as a description.  

I tried on my "fat" jeans last night.  I'm still about 20 pounds too fat for my fat jeans.  But I'm figuring at this rate I should fit in them by mid May.  Clothes are slowly coming back into rotation.   Yeah!

12:12 pm thursday:
Enjoying my salad.
My niece told me that I needed to start taking pictures of myself & not of what is in front of me. Since I have lunch around 12-1 most of these will be me with food.


tricia said...

That's an awesome planter!

Dina said...

I hate bra smile with a passion, it still gets me every day.

Cute pic :)