Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Family, travel and Food

Family.  Love em or not.  Fortunately for me I love em. 

My oldest niece is getting married in April.  I spent this past weekend in San Francisco staying with her and her fiance.  Her shower was on Saturday.

My niece did something wonderful for me.  She told the hostesses about my food allergies & gave them a list of what I can/can't eat so that I'd be able to eat at the shower.  I had packed some food but ended up taking it all home.  Not only did I eat to my hearts content I took part of left overs with me.

One of the hostesses is a vegetarian and said "I'm so used to not being able to eat anything at gatherings it was no big deal to make sure you could eat."

Love that woman.
Love my niece for doing this for me.

Me, Bride-to-be, Mother o'Bride.
Food Food Food
This anti-candida diet is getting to be tedious after 2 months. 
Mr. T'dots and I have become bored with our food.  (This from the same person who posted "Rule of 5" and "Ethnic Tastes" last week.)

I really need to do some shopping and more prepping of our food.  Change things up a bit. 

I'm heading to Vegas on Thursday for a convention.  I booked a room and will be taking my cooler full of stuff.  But then I'll need to shlep my food over to the convention and figure out how to keep every thing cool & ready to eat while I'm walking around getting catalogs.  We all know that convention food is expensive & I'll have no clue what's in the dish.

There's no way I can go off what I'm doing just because I'm not prepared.  

This is about cleaning my body out.  Not letting crap in. Right?

Oh and I may have an extra free ticket for Blue Man Group on friday night.  Any takers?

12:12 Friday
Steaming a wedding gown
March 14th is the big "Brides of March" pub crawl.  It's where everyone dresses up in bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses and other wedding related costumes.  No grooms.  All the men are dressed like brides or bridesmaids.  

2007 Brides of March

Mr. T'dots so pretty in pink! 

Yours truly looking so fresh in an all silk flower number.


Teri said...

Have fun in Vegas! We find a small cooler with many ice packets can keep food fresh for 9 hours. Raw almonds save my life.

Bat Pooh can be yours after Mr. B deceides he dosen't want to wear it next year for trick or treat.

Dina said...

Have a great time in Vegas!

Carlos said...

wow that looks like fun can i come...I have the perfect dress