Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm back. Home. Yeah!

I'm home.  I've been home since Monday night.

I needed a few days to regroup and work on other things rather than spend the time blogging. I'm probably going to break this blog up into a few days.  Lots to tell, lots to share.

I left last thursday & drove to Vegas.  I had scored a room on Orbitz for $19!  (Here's my travel tip for the day.  When you get to a hotel & ask for a refrigerator tell them it's for medicine. They won't charge for a fridge that's being used for medication.)

The drive from Reno to Vegas is long & tedious.  Nevada is pretty much a desert.  With nothing else but a few small towns, brothels and long ago abandoned mines. 
The Long road. 

But every now & then you run across a gem.  Something that makes you stop & take pictures. In my case I'm part of this gem.  

Art cars in Goldfield, Nevada.
How am I part of this gem?  I dated the artist.  Rocket Bob.  Yup.  Sure did.  I have a really cool 50's kitchen table that I got out of our small relationship.  It's covered in coke lines.  Other than that it's in great shape.  And no, none of those coke lines are mine.  Food has always been my drug of choice.  

Rocket Bob & I would spend weekends going to garage sales & flea markets looking for dolls, toys and misc squawk for him to take apart & epoxy onto his cars.  

After Steve & I opened the store Bob came by & offered me a couple of cases of Pee Wee Herman dolls.  Silly me for turning that down. 

Artwork made from bombs in Hawthorne, Nevada.
There's a park that has giant flowers also made from bombs.  The strange thing is Hawthorne is a military town. I'm not really sure of the history behind using bomb shells as art but it's kind of cool to see.  And disturbing at the same time.

Thur, March 5, 12:12ish Near Walker Lake
I'm saying 12:12'ish because there's a part of driving hwy 95 that my cel phone jumps ahead 2 hours.  Steve's phone doesn't do it but mine does.  I have my alarm set at 12:12 pm and I noticed that the stereo said it was after 12:12. I looked at my phone & sure enough it said it was 2 something.


Dina said...

You turned down Pee Wee Herman dolls? What the shit?

Looks like fun!

Losing Waist! said...

Hey! Missed you while you were gone! You seem to have the most exciting adventures...

I am glad you are back; it is great that you took a few days to recover...

wildfluffysheep said...

Awesome pictures, missus!

Tricia said...

Aw, I wish I had been in town while you were around...would have been so fun to meet you! Costume show? Goes to show I know nothing about the goings-on in my own town. Hope you had fun...glad you're back!