Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Spring has sprung in our yard.  Finally.
The lilacs are starting to bud, the peonies are coming up and I've told the peach tree numerous times to wait on blooming.  Bloom now & we'll have that final freeze in May and NO PEACHES in July.

The thing about living in Reno is our short growing season.  (No, Reno's not near Vegas. Reno's near Lake Tahoe in the north western part of the state.)  We're at 5000 ft elevation & have 4 seasons.  

We also have extreme temperatures in the summer with day time highs in the 90's -100's and dropping down at night to 60.  

Officially our last freeze is Memorial day weekend and our first freeze is usually early Sept.  

That's why I grab ahold of spring.  It means that in just a few months summer will be here!  Yeah!
Crystal necklace set
I finished the necklace set yesterday.  For those of you who don't know about this let me tell you the cliff notes story.

The crystals were originally Nana's.  My Sister wanted me to create a necklace & earrings for her to wear next weekend at her daughter's wedding. 

I had enough to create a bracelet.  Hopefully everything is right with the world and it all fits.
Food Food Food

I'm uninspired. I'm going to revisit my earlier posts and start back on getting recipes going every day.

I have the same thing every day for lunch:  salad with goat yogurt as a dressing, turkey patty cooked in my cooker at work.  
Snack:  rice cakes with either pesto or coconut oil with almond butter.
Same thing Same thing Same thing Same thing Same thing

Did I meant the same thing everysingleday?  Yes.

And how are you? 


Dina said...

The necklace set looks great! Good job!

I find if I stray from eating the same thing every day, I eat too much. Blah.

Tricia said...

The weird thing about dieting is that I get all weirded out when I see that I'm eating the same thing every day. But when I'm not dieting, I do tend to eat the same bad stuff all the time. I guess I'm okay with monotony as long as it's high in fat. Shucks.

Love the crystal stuff. You're so dang crafty!

wildfluffysheep said...

The jewellery looks lovely :D kudos, missus!

I know what you mean about the food monotony. I finally bought a cook book and am trying to spice things up! Its definitely working so far... even if other things are getting in my way right now :)

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