Monday, March 16, 2009

Brides of March pub crawl, weight loss goals & more!

You're going to love this one.  Some of you will relate, some of you just won't understand.

All week I've been helping people get their costumes together for the "Brides of March" pub crawl.  As usual I don't have a costume or any idea of what I'm going to do.

It's Saturday morning, I'm at the store.  The day before one of my customers had tried on a long poofy slip that goes under a wedding gown.  It's marked with a 28" waist.  I liked the way it looked on her & decided that I would try it on.

I shimmied it up over my rear & my belly.  The zipper is open all the way and there's no way it will zip.  I look in the mirror & decide it's not really what I want. 

And then I discover that it's stuck.  As in not going up, not going back down.  I'm stuck in this thing.  

I have on a white blouse and am wearing one of my big chunky necklaces.  My hair is pulled back into a bun.  And now I'm stuck in this giant puffy to the floor skirt.

Customers would come in & I'm behind the counter so they can't see the skirt until I come out from behind the counter.  And why was saturday the day of "I've never been in your store before.  Thought I would check it out." customers?  They have no clue that I do wear costumes once in a while but from the waist up I look presentable.  

I get the tilted head like a dog who's heard a strange sound look. 

"Going to the Brides pub crawl?" I'd ask.  

ahhhhhh. Ok.

Going to the bathroom is a challenge.  How do those brides do that?? 

I try later in the day but no.  It's not going anywhere.  It's stuck in the middle of my belly where I have a dividing line where my underwear sits.  Wanna feel fat?  Get stuck in a pouffy skirt.

211 pound woman in a pouffy skirt.  Pretty pretty pretty.

I call Mr. T'dots in the afternoon.  "I'm stuck in a skirt.  Guess I'll wear it tonight.  Could you bring me my leather corset, my leather boots & my small purse?  I'll change here."

Somehow the S & M bride was born.  

After wearing it for about 10 hours the waist must have relaxed enough because I was able to step out of it when I got home.  

I felt sexy, fun and great once the corset went on. Funny how being bound up in leather makes a pouffy girl feel sexy.  

The "S & M" Bride 
Brides of March 2009. 
Love my leather corset!
Mr. T'dots looking lovely in pink.

It was a fun day.  We did a ton of walking, didn't have anything to drink except tonic water.  
I've plateaued with my weight over the past 2 weeks.  The scale is stuck at 211.  I really want to lose another 5-6 pounds by my nieces wedding on the 4th.  I'm thinking of rejoining SparkPeople for the food journal.

I've  become accountable by my daily blogging but now it's time to up the ante & really figure out how much I'm eating every day.

I know my issue is still portion control.  Multi tasking while eating doesn't help either.  I'm eating b'fast right now while I blog.  Big bites, not chewed properly before swallowing. Suddenly my plate is empty & I've not tasted a thing.  

This weeks goals:
1.  Finish those damn petticoats!  I have 6 left to mend
2.  Clean off craft table at store
3.  Finish my sister's necklace
4.  Rebound 5x this week.


Tricia said...

Haha, that is super hot and awesome! You guys do more in a day than I think I could handle all month.

Carlos said...

lol awesome! love when it's wrapped in leather!

wildfluffysheep said...

Worked out great in the end huh? You looked well good, missus.

Dina said...

I wanted to see the skirt!

twinkelydots said...

I've checked 2 other people's photos from the night & there's no head to foot pic of me.

I was kind of wondering how I looked, too!

Teri said...

You are sexy but Mr. Dots is off the hook. People in Pismo are lame and we can't talk anyone into a brides march. (plus we only have 3 bars)I will keep working on it. Gary wants to wear his dress! Teri