Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patty's Day!

Happy St Patty's day!

I'm filling the crock pot with pearl onions, corned beef, carrots, potatoes and of course cabbage. It will be nice to come home to after working all day.

Steve's been invited to play his wash-tub bass at one of the bars tonight so I'm guessing that's on tap for us.  

Scale this morning:  209!  Then 210!  Then back to 209!  So I'll take 210.  209 would give me 10%.  

My oldest niece is getting married next month.  My stress factor for "what to wear" has been incredibly high.  It's an evening wedding in San Francisco.  Not quite a formal affair but pretty damn close.  

She's been great.  "Just wear what you're comfortable in." Somehow I don't think sweats, t-shirt, no bra & slippers is what she has in mind.  

I found 2 dresses yesterday plus  I have a dress in the back of my closet. I'll take pic's of all 3 and you guys can help me decide.

Note to my friend Teri:  Max Volume was in the store yesterday.  I tried the dresses on to show Steve & Max decided to chime in on the fashion advice.  (Note to everyone else:  Max is a local dj that's worked in rock radio for the past 30 years.  Think "Johnny Fever" from "WKRP in Cincinnati".  He called me "cutting edge" and "trendy" yesterday.) (And no, I don't believe Max Volume is his given name.) 

12:12 pm Monday
Enjoying Steve's chicken soup
For the past couple of weeks Steve's been buying a whole chicken.  We eat off it for a couple of days & then he makes soup.  

I take a big container of chopped veggies & spinach, put them in my rice steamer & top with the soup.  It's nice to have a hot lunch once in a while.

Dresses.  Please vote!
Click on the photos to see details.
#1.  A 2 piece outfit.  
Sage green jacket (I'll be moving the button and taking it in.)
Brown 2 layer flowwy skirt with giant flowers on top layer.
#2: Plain black shell dress with 
oriental theme'd silk over piece.

#3.  2 layered dress.  Black with giant polka dots
Hard to see but a cute neckline with frills out of the same fabric.
Sleeveless with extra frills on top.  
I may find a small swing jacket or shrug to cover my arms.


Dina said...

That's a big 'ol piece of broccoli! Size of my head!

Happy St. Patty's day, I'm sure you realized this, but the pic goes well with your green background :)

Carlos said...

soup looks kick ass!

Michelle said...

Dress #3. Definitely!

Michelle Vandepol said...

i love #3 too! super cute

k8et.com said...

really you have to ask? :P #3 for miss twinkly dots.

but really, i scrolled down, the other two are nice, but 3 looks most like YOU and fun and flattering. but what do you feel most comfortable in?

wildfluffysheep said...

I vote the third one too!
I do love that purple dish, soup looks good too :D

Anonymous said...

Always a rebel - I love #1! #3 looks great too, but I don't think you need a jacket over it. So - no jacket I guess I vote #3. If you are going to cover it up with a jacket - definitely #1. :-)

Teri said...

I miss Max! And Harry and Bruce and You and even Cindy-poo. What happed to her? I like dress #3. Bottom line, which one are you most comfortable in, thats all that matters for you to enjoy yourself. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

number 3...looks fresh and happy!!!!

peepinit said...

You look the happiest in 3...and it's the most like your style. The shoes are cool too!

Anonymous said...

Number three all the way! You look great and more like your age which I am guess early twenties? Looks fab on you and accentuates your waist. Definitely #3. Sometimes it's better to look hot than be comfortable. I say...look hot.

Tudor said...

Ooh! Ooh! Number three. And I agree - no jacket! The neckline makes it exciting.

But do I dare suggest a colorful pair of shoes instead of black? (No, I don't mean the green Docs... maybe something red?)

Love your blog!