Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anti Candida diet phase 2.

Guess who mis-read the original cleanse instructions. Yeah. That would be me.

Phase 1 was suppose to only last 6 weeks.  We did it almost 3 months. So this morning we started phase 2.  

Not much difference from phase 1 except my one sweet treat is now gone. 

Our morning drink was cranberry juice concentrate, 1 tsp apple cider vinegar & 1 tsp grade b maple syrup.  Now it's just 2 tsp cranberry juice concentrate and water.  And since we've not had anything sweet in a while it wasn't bad.  (Way to clean out those kidneys!)

We can slowly start to reintroduce fruit and other grains, nuts into our diet. 

Steve was excited because one of the breakfast items was buckwheat pancakes with vanilla. Guess what we're having on sat morning!

I added grapefruit pectin to my morning green drink.  Tasted kind of weird but I know I'll get used to it just like I did with everything else over the past 3 months.

I'm not hip to adding any fruit at this time.  It's not really in season and I'm not a fan of off season, picked too soon, trucked 1000 miles fruit. 

I am excited to add other nuts.  Funny how it's the little things like nuts give us pleasure.
Girl Scout Cookies
This is my PSA for the day.

My friend Robin's troupe has been in here twice selling cookies.  She told me that they only make 30 cents a box!  WTF??? 

So today they were here 4 hours & sold a record 18 boxes.  18 x .30= $5.40  profit.  Four hours.

Don't buy cookies.  Write them a check.  Find your local troupe.  Save the calories.  Help send a girl to camp.  
Biggest Loser
Carlos cracks me up.  He pretty much summed up how I feel about BL.  

Quit crying you guys.


Put on your big girl panties and just deal with it.

"I'm just going home."  Ok.  Go.  Let me help you pack.

And Bob is no longer Bob.  I'm calling him Bawlb.  QUIT CRYING!

But please enjoy your 100 calorie packs of jello, Fiber one, chewing gum, and save the landfill Britta!

One last thing
YOVILLE has been down all day.  ALL DAY!

My addiction needs feeding.  Badly!  argggg!


Teri said...

Yeah- I finally talked a bunch of people on to YoVille, because I am obsessed with making my apartment as cute as yours, and it was done or slow as hell all day. One guy fidgeted over his ear size for an hour.

I am at home drinking wine and eating a loaf of fresh baked bread with swiss cheese on it.
Yeah, I know, I'm a bitch!

Teri said...

I meant "down"

Teri said...

One last thing:


Carlos said...

lol thanks for the shout out...glad you got a giggle

wildfluffysheep said...

lol @ nuts giving us pleasure. Not that I have a dirty mind, you understand...

Anonymous said...

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