Monday, March 30, 2009

Fat not-so-funny stories

Tricia  wrote on Friday about breaking a chair while waiting at the eyeglass dr's place.  It got me to thinking about all the things that have happened to me over the years being overweight.

The thing about being fat, overweight, obese is that it comes on slowly.  It's not like one day I woke up and weighed over 300 pounds.  (Well I did but you understand.)  The weight came on slowly.  

I'd see pictures of myself and not believe that it was an accurate picture.  Kind of like hearing your voice for the 1st time.  You don't believe you really sound that way.  

Buying clothes "Well they're making clothes smaller these days.  They just don't fit the way they used to."  Uh huh.

Mirrors are avoided.  At least full length mirrors are.  Even now we only have 1 mirror that I can see part of the upper half of my body.  And that's in the entryway!  

I asked Steve if he had any embarrassing moments being overweight.  He once broke a toilet seat at a friends place.  It was a wooden one and living in the desert those things dry out & break easily.  He said that when he sees that guy he still brings it up.  "Remember when your fat ass broke my toilet seat?? HA HA HA!!"  

I can remember a couple of incidents.  

1.  In Vegas for a convention.  There was a chair massage booth & I wanted to get one. Massage therapist looked at me & said "You're too big for me to massage.  I don't want you to break my chair."  

It felt like the world had gone silent and everyone stopped to look at the fat woman who wanted a massage.

2.  Being at an amusement park & the safety bar didn't *click* into place so I had to leave the ride.

3.  People constantly asking me when I'm due.  Touching my belly to feel the baby.  "Is it kicking?"  

I used to say I was just fat & not pregnant.  Now I just lie & say 3 months! 

4.  Little kids telling me in their honesty that I'm fat.  Yeah that's fun.

5.  In my single days being the fat chick who went out with the hot friends.  Having the great personality & being  the one the guys would call for advice on how to get my hot girl friend to go out with them.  

The strange thing is that I have always been very comfortable in my skin.  Once when getting my aura red the reader told me that I had a "thin person's aura".  

I know I know I know.  I'm doing something about it. 

Well I've been doing something about it for most of my life.  And I will continue to do something about it the rest of my life.  


Tricia said...

Sometimes being fat ain't so jolly.

Toilet seats, been there.

wildfluffysheep said...

Check,check and check AND check.

The last four have happened to me too. The kid one must recently. That bloody sucks.

Thanks for posting this. I've got some more stuff for my motivation diary.

Fat[free]Me said...

Ack - the amusement park thing! Even when I do fit in them, I am terrified they haven't been tested on someone quite as short and fat as me.

Lovin' your work! x

Dina said...

Yeah so my daughter is 4, so I get almost daily reminders of my weight. Not so fun.

I wanna know what color my aura is. I wonder how much those cameras cost now? I'm off to check Google!