Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heading to Las Vegas BABEEEEEEEEEE!!!

On the road again

I'm heading out right after I finish this blog.  I'm going to Las Vegas for a costume convention.

I'm super excited and am looking forward to taking 100 pictures.  But I'm sad that I'm going alone. My travel partner dropped out due to $$ and her dog is suddenly having seizures. Wanna join me?

Believe it or not I found a room on Orbitz for $19 a night.  It's the cheapest I've ever gotten outside of staying with friends. 
A friend also scored me 2 tickets to these guys:
Blue Man Group

Sending me to a costume convention is like sending the alcoholic to the wine convention.  

Here's the scary part for me.  Since I have so many food allergies and have been doing an anti-candida diet since the 1st of the year food is an issue.

Sure I'm packing food and am good about eating what I pack but schlepping around my cooler and packing food to eat while I'm at the convention isn't very convenient.  I will be parking about a mile away from the convention center & it's not like I can just pack a sandwich to throw in my backpack.

And leaving the convention to go eat really is a pain.  I  know I'll figure something out.  

I'll be back late Monday.  You all have a great weekend!  

12:12 pm 
My friend showing me her nails


Dina said...

Have fun in Vegas!

Sorry your friend had to drop out, I'm sure you'll still have a blast.

wildfluffysheep said...

Wish I was going to vegas...

twinkelydots said...

I wish you were going to Vegas, too!