Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weds Weds Weds

Thank you to all who voted yesterday on my dress.  My sister called & said that I looked "Dowdy & Matronly" in outfit #1.  That's how I felt in it so it's going back to Ross.  ("Do you love it?" No.)

I'm going to take dress #3 with me this morning to Lame Giant & see about Spanx.  (For all the boys out there:  Spanx is a giant girdle for the whole body.)
Anti-Candida diet update.
Wayyyyy back in Jan, Steve & I started an anti-candida diet.  Here's the link to the first post talking about it. 

We had committed to 3 months of no sugar, fruit, fermented foods, etc.  

In the 3 months:
--Steve's dandruff has disappeared
--My yeast issues under my breasts & belly have disappeared
--Toe junk is almost gone
--I've lost 21 pounds, Steve's lost about 15. (He's not the scale junkie like I am.)

We're not to have red meat but have had it a couple of times. (I love corned beef & cabbage! It was sooooo good last night.  Steve's making hash this morning for b'fast.) 
Food cravings have pretty much disappeared.  

Steve is still getting sinus infections and has a rash all over his forehead & nose.  The neti pot has taken care of the latest sinus infection.  

Both are signs of candida infection.  

So we're going to continue on.  

We're feeling healthier and that's a great thing.

12:12 pm: Looking cute in my St Patty's day outfit.
It's my reflection.  But it also gives you a good luck at part of the store.
I love my green Doc Martins.  


Dina said...

Did you really just say my favorite two words?

"neti pot"

I LURVE mine! It's so awesome. Everyone is all "EWW!" but it works great.

Dina said...

OH and the store looks cool, and I love your shoes :)

Tricia said...

I wish I could come to your store. I need something cool to cover my bedroom window like that thingy you have hanging there. There are no fun stores in Vegas. Everyone sells the same junk.

No fruit, huh? That caught me off-guard.

twinkelydots said...

But you have 5 Savers in Vegas!!! It's the mecca of thrift stores.

wildfluffysheep said...

Woohoo for dress number three.
I didn't realise the anti candida was that strict. Feeling healthier is awesome :D

Sara Ancich said...

You DID look cute on St. Patty's Day...xoxo

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