Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yuri's Night, Costumes and more!

Miss me?  I know I know.
I've been scarce but I have great excuses.

1.  Excuse #1:  Getting ready for the big party this past Saturday night.

Yuri's night is an international party that happens all over the world on the same night.  It honors the 1st man in space Yuri something.  

We were slammed all week.  On saturday (the day of the party) we had people knocking on the doors after we closed looking for costumes.  "I'll take anything!"  Everything that was silver, gold, sparkley or spacey was long gone.  

Party night came & we were out until 1:45 am!  

Here's a few pictures from the event:
Fire spinning.
That's one single poi that's about the size of a bowling ball.  

This guy is the one spinning the big poi.  He loves fire and is really really fantastic at spinning.
This is Sabra.  She's a very close friend.  She also happens to sublet part of our store.
She's an amazing woman.  She's had breast cancer 3 times, ovarian cancer once and has been in remission for 4 years. She grew up in Ely, NV which is a "down winder" town. Down winder is a term used for areas in Nevada that are down wind from the nuclear bomb tests.

Oh and that's not her real hair.  It's an orange wig.  But she has orange & gold hair under it.  She hot glued the hat to the wig so it's stuck there for life. 
Nathan & Me
Nathan is another good friend.  He, Robin & I are working on the Burning Man web site updating the local shopping areas.  He has the best costumes and it's always a surprise to see what he's wearing.  I'd love to raid his closet except he weighs about 130-140 pounds.  

I'm wearing a lime green faux ostrich blazer, black corset, short pink & yellow petticoat, black fishnets with pink fence nets over the top & my GREEN Doc Martins. 

I had 2 people grab my hair & ask if it was really all mine.  
This was my favorite costume of the night.
I don't know this guy but I was amazed at his creativity.
This is my friend Chelsea.  She has an aerial troupe called Dragonfly Aerials
She has a burlesque troupe called Bohemian Burlesque.
She organized 4 aerialists to hang from the ceiling and perform during one of the dj's sets.
Excuse #2
Normally I post in the morning but lately I've been practicing poi & facebooking.  

I'm attempting to cut back on my morning computer time so that I can get to the store with time  to spare for sewing.  

I'm in the middle of making a lime green fur bunny suit.  I finished silk flame pants yesterday. I'm hoping to get some personal projects made in the next week.

I do miss you all.  I do read your blogs.  Just haven't had the time to comment.



Sara Ancich said...

That last picture is really cool. What a colorful night.

wildfluffysheep said...

Awesome pictures missus! Sounds like you had lots of fun woohoo :D

I like the sound of the bunny suit... It all sounds really cool. I am bit jealous of your work :D

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