Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Get off my back. I'll blog when I want to.

Calm down.  Can't a girl be busy?  Can't a girl have a life away from you freaks of nature??  In the words of Kathy Griffin "Jesus H Christ on a Cross!"  

First off I'm busy.  Every night this week I've got something happening.
Secondly I'm busy.  Every morning I've got something happening.
I do own a store.  I do go away once in a while.  Just wait until Summer.  I'm gone 4-5 days every week and I don't own a lap-top. (But am open to being gifted one.  Mac please. Mac snob here.)

This past weekend we had 2 Earth Day festivals. One was in Squaw Valley, the other was here in Reno.
Me in front of the booth.  
Please note the huge hat.  Skin cancer will do that to ya. I slathered on 45 spf.  
I have a giant head.  That hat is a size 8 that's been stretched out to fit.
And of course I have on my kick ass flame boots.  And why do people feel the need to ask me how much I paid for those?  My new response "Less than a house payment". 
Squaw Valley Trashion Show
This 2 pc outfit was made from 500 Clif bar wrappers.

Made from a garden umbrella and measuring tape found in forest.
I have more photos on my facebook page.  It's open to anyone.  PrismMagic Sparks is the name to search.  You can even opt to be my friend.  It's the store's page. 
Scale report: 205!
Very very solid 205.  Which means -27 since Jan 4.  I'll take it baby.

It's been pretty nice & warm here.  My appetite has diminished.  Saturday night driving home from the festival both Steve & I were tired.  Neither one of us wanted to cook.  I just wanted beef & a potato.  

We saw a sign for $13.95 all you can eat prime rib at a dive casino so we went for it.  It was the best prime rib I've had in years.

All I had was a baked potato & 3 servings of prime rib.  Nothing else.  No salad. No fruit.  No veggies.  Nada. Nothing.  Zip.  Yes.  I said 3 servings.  ("Meat. It's what's festering in your colon.") 

I'm feeling thin.  Funny thing (and I think I've said this before) when I got up to 205 I know I didn't feel thin.  And to everyone else in the world 205 is still fat.  I should look up the bmi but nah.  (Go for it.  I'm 5'8".)

I'm wearing clothes I've not worn in a couple of years.  

And people are starting to notice.  I LOVE that.  "Why yes I've dropped 27 pounds.  Thanks for noticing."
One more thing:
Ever hear of the term "Dry Rain"?  We're having that phenomenon happen right now.  It happens a lot in the desert.  It rains but dries up before hitting the ground because it's too hot to hit the ground.  

Reno averages 8" of rainfall a year & that's mostly snow.  It's hardly every humid but right now it's very very humid due to the dry rain.

Ok freaks.  That's my post for today. *kisses*


Tricia said...

Dude! Blog more please. Thanks.

Dina said...

I wondered WTF was up with you! Why is it the people you want to blog, rarely do, and yet people like me post a 100 times a day, about nothing? Life is cruel folks.

Loved your pics as always. Very cool :)

I love that my little widget brought out your competitive spirit! I was hoping!

If you want to get one, I found it here:


I do have to warn you, if you install it, I'll be all up in your archives until I hit number one. Consider yourself warned.

Graized said...

But we miss you! Cant you pre-write like 20 posts at a time? You can even schedule them so the site automatically posts them for you at the appropriate time/date. ;)

Mom Judy said...

Hi Mary, I love your blog and I wish I had your willpower. I enjoyed spending some time with you in SF and also meeting your husband.

Judy Leach

Maggie said...

I think an Almond Joy dress would look fab on me.

wildfluffysheep said...

Awesome pictures missus!

As to being busy... some of us do have to have lives! Kudos to you. I am a hermit with plenty of blogging time....

*high fives* to feeling thin!

Fat[free]Me said...

Loving those clothes, they are fabulous!

Well done on the continuing weight loss - you are doing brilliantly!

Huh, dry rain in Reno? We get extra, extra wet rain here in Scotland (but not today - yay!).

Carlos said...

i didn't miss you at all... ok lies but thanks for coming back

fatty McButter Pants said...

Sometimes you don't post for awhile, so I wasn't too worried. I just thought you were on another adventure! You have a very interesting life.....thanks for sharing it!