Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday my Brother!

This is my Brother:
Yesterday was his birthday.
In true family tradition I'm wishing him a happy birthday a day late.

I've bragged about Clint in the past.  Growing up he wasn't the "normal" brother.  He never teased me, never picked on me, never tattled.  Could have been the 7 year age difference.  My Mom once told me that she never had to worry about cleaning out his pockets when doing laundry.  He wasn't the kind of kid that picked up bugs & kept them to play with later.

Now he's a Dad to 2 wonderful kids.  (I'm biased.  His daughter is a "mini-me" and his son is my Godson.)  His wife is amazing, beautiful, funny and helps him keep is act together.  

Happy birthday to you!  You live in a zoo!  You look like a MONKEYYYYYYYYY and you smell like one toooooooooooooooo!

I love this picture.
Let's talk diet.

Weight loss.  Life journey.  Choices.  Journalling.  Exercise.  Water. No sugar. No whites: flour, pasta, potatoes.  Inspirations.  Uninspired.  30 minutes a day.  Nothing after 8pm.  Breakfast. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.  Fake it til you make it. Put the fork down between bites.  Don't do anything while eating.  Eat in front of a mirror.  Leave a bite or 2 on your plate.  Use a smaller plate.  Use a smaller fork.  Use chopsticks.  Ice water burns more calories than room temperature water.  Eat your rainbow. 1 oz of cheese is equal to your thumb. A serving of meat is the size of a deck of cards.  Measure measure measure.  Points. Fiber. Fat.  An empty colon is a happy colon. Eat right. Baked. Broiled. Not fried.  Couch to 5 k. No carbs.  Cabbage soup diet.  Zero point soup.  Thin jeans.  Fat pants.  Your starting point is my goal. 10%.  No fruit after noon.  Don't mix veggies, carbs and protein.  Have 2 out of three.  No coffee.  Green tea.  Whole grains.  Olive oil.  Five small meals a day.  Pineapple only for 3 days.  Hard boiled eggs.  No salt. Lightly steam.  Fish.  Fish.  Fish.  Lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup.  Brush and floss. Be the last one at the table eating. Taste each bite.  Savour each bite. Make each bite count.

What am I missing?


Fat[free]Me said...

Love your brother - most disappointed to read he is married :(

As for talking diets, you missed: grapefruit, pills, lettuce, sleep 8 hours, control pants, take the stairs, get off the bus a stop early, celebrity diets, detox, water, water, water, south beach, GI, bikini diet, Atkins, superfoods...

Sometimes it is bewildering, eh? Words for me are: health, enjoyment, fitness, countryside, sexy, less pain, positivity, strength, confidence, waist, heart, life.

Teri said...

You look and feel fabulous! It's not a diet but a longevity plan.

Sara Ancich said...

Thanks for the CLint reminder. Check out Miss Ruby Sue's etsy if you haven't yet. The things she makes are twisted fabric. Beautiful. You could easily copy. She is really busy too.

Graized said...

You just made your post a hit on like 90% of weight loss google searches, you punk :p

Love the picture of you. Very much how I think of you.

Carlos said...

love the free association diet talk

and that screaming picture. are you yelling Tawanda?

Dina said...

I love sappy sibling posts, I'm such a sucker for them!

Love the diet recap. That's about all I feel like saying too. What the hell is there new to add? Uck.

Love the pic of you, your glasses are the shit!

wildfluffysheep said...

Great picture of you definitely :D

Happy birthday to your brother.

lol @ all the diet terms.

Maggie said...

Happy Birthday to your Hot Brother. Love the picture, I concur with Dina, the glasses are the shit.

The diet terms pretty much sums it up. There were a few, that I have never heard before. No coffee? What fool said that?