Thursday, April 9, 2009

Under Construction

Finally.  Finally.  Finally

Construction is finally happening.  I've waited 2 years for this.  Talk about moving slow. But now it's happening.

Today they're removing the concrete from the front of the store, the plumber is here putting water lines for the landscaping.

The electrician should be here tomorrow or monday to lay the wires for the sign.

The sign should be installed next week.

Landscaping starts after the sign.

Two years.  Two f'ing years I've waited for this to happen.  

The sign I have now cost me $300 in permits and it's just a piece of plywood attached to the side of my building.

In the meantime here's some random pictures from the inside of the store.
zebra hat made by local roller derby queen

Locally made soap.  I LOVE this stuff!

Hanging lantern.  
That's it for now.

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Graized said...

I have nothing terribly constructive to say aside from $300 bucks in permits for a plywood sign is proof that bureaucracies are horse shit.