Friday, April 24, 2009

You have my permission to succeed

Seriously.  You have my permission to succeed.  

To have a sense of accomplishment.  This is my pat on the back for a job well done.  

You deserve this success.  

What's bringing  this on?  Well a couple of things.

1.  I've read a couple of blogs today that are moaning about not being able to lose weight.  Self sabotage, too many things going on in their lives, bored with their lives, etc are excuses that are being used for not being able to lose weight.

There will always be reasons to not lose weight. 
There will always be reasons to lose weight right.this.second. 

What is it in our make-up or ways of thinking  that we don't deserve to be thin, healthy, content?  Why do we think that we deserve all the shit that happens to us?  

Years ago in my single days I would date losers.  Most were drunks, users, broke &  well, just shits.  

One day I woke up & thought "Why do I think this is what I'm worth?"

Suddenly those losers disappeared and the quality of men improved.  

Why can't this thought process apply to my quality of living?  Why do I think that being overweight, sick and tire is what I'm worth?

2.  What does it take for us to kick our lifestyle change in gear?

What was your "clicking" point to get you off your butt and get going?  

We'll see people who smoke & who's relatives have died from smoke related illnesses.  We'll judge & say "Don't they remember that their own FATHER died from lung cancer?? But they'll still smoke?"  

How about in my own case:  My Dad died from heart disease.  Yet 30 years after his death I'm overweight & not in the best shape.  I saw him go from hospital bed to hospital bed for the last 5 years of his life.

You'd think that would change my life.  But no.  

I have relatives that have diabetes brought on by weight & lack of exercise.  That should kick me in the rear but no.  

My own food allergies could, no make that WILL kill me.  They cause me to gain weight, get sick, have breathing problems, joint inflammation YET until this past Jan I still ate what I'm not suppose to.

Why?  Why would I do all this?  

Reasons for losing weight:
1.  Health.
2.  Look hotter
3.  Shopping is easier.  Buy things because they look good not just because they fit.

What was my clicking point?  I just decided that NOW was the time.  I couldn't wait until tomorrow, next week, after the next big event.  It had to happen NOW. 
And it is happening NOW.

So I'm giving myself permission to succeed.  

I'm giving you permission to succeed, too.
Today's boots:

I found these in a thrift store for $9.  The boot gods decided they were meant for me. 
Platform, comfortable & fit around the calf.  Oh yeah.


fatty McButter Pants said...

Loved the post. My clicking point was when I couldn't walk because my knee hurt too bad. Love the boots too. Have an exciting adventure this weekend so you can write about on Monday!

wildfluffysheep said...

Frickin' awesome boots, missus! LOVE THEM.

Great post too. Thanks for the permission. :D

What started me on this journey was being fatter than my dad and hes twice my age and then some. That shocked me into starting it but not always continuing it...

foolsfitness said...

Those boots are hot!

Hey, for those who need permission to do things, they may never succeed.

It's bicycle repair guys who get up and decide they are going to build a flying machine when half the people believe that flying is impossible.

or a guy whos going to make a lightbulb after he's failed over 1,000 times.

My clicking point? I've got nothing to loose at this point... and a lot to gain. It's not about pounds any more, it's about living life with passion.

gaining and no loosing is the foolsfitness way! -Alan

Carlos said...

such a great post and boots...

Café Chick said...

Wow, those boots are amazing!
A really inspiring post. I like what you said about giving ourselves permission to do it NOW. If it's important, why wait?