Tuesday, May 5, 2009

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Ask me about the van.  Go ahead.
Ask.  I dare ya.

After leaving the DMV yesterday to get ANOTHER 15 day temp registration I decided to go get the tires balanced & rotated.  The van shimmie's if driven over 60 mph.  

Turned out the back 2 tires were bald on the inside.  The steel had separated from the rubber. $200 for 2 new tires.  The front 2 were new.  

Today the van is at our mechanic because it lurches when stopped after being warmed up.  No word yet from the mechanic. Oh and it smells of raw fuel after being driven.

I can say one positive thing about the van.  It has an AWSOME sound system.  
Fire spinning

As you guys know I've been taking fire spinning classes since January.  My big goal is to spin in conclave before Burning Man.  (Conclave is the fire troupes who perform before they burn the big Man.)

My friend Chelsea recorded & posted my 1st burn on YouTube.  Since I don't know how to upload video on my blog you can click here to watch.

Food, Diet, Lifestyle changes

My friend Nancy has been on the same journey with her food as I have.  She was diagnosed about 3 months before I was with the gliadin allergy.  She's really into nutrition and health.  

She emailed me a thing she had gotten from her dr about baking soda curing cancer.  It has to do with the acid/alkaline levels in the body.  

I googled and came up with all sorts of information.  

I'm going to pick up ph strips to start checking my ph level.  With my skin cancer I don't want to take chances of having cancer anyplace else.  

What this is leading to is that I've started to move back to being vegetarian.  It will be a slow process.  As of now I'm red meat free.  My body doesn't process animal products so I know I'll be healthier because of the decision.

When I was vegan it was for health reasons not ethical.  Studies show ethical vegans stay vegans where as health vegans don't.  

I'm a strong believer in the food chain so I have no problems with others eating meat/fish/chicken around me.  It's the same as I have no problems with people eating my food allergy foods.  (Does that sentence make sense? Huh.)

So I'll start blogging about my moving towards vegetarianism.  Look for it!
John the pirate
Meet John.  He's a pirate.
He was on his way to a raid last night when he stopped by.
4:15 pm Car update
Manifold is leaking.  $800.  


fatty McButter Pants said...

Why don't you just make the van a signer on your bank account and let it take all your money!! It is good for the blog though. I can't wait for a van update.

I think intention is very important. So doing things for ethical reason and having it be lasting seems right.

Hope that pirate doesn't take you hostage! lol

Have a good day...you've brightened mine.

Sara Ancich said...

Sorry about the van. My dented bumper just had its one year anniversary and its owner has absolutely NO INTENTION of fixing it. Poor thing.

Teri said...

put the van on craigslist and cut your losses. Use the money you save to buy tofu. Cut and run is sometimes the best policy. Good job on playing with fire and not getting hurt.

Fat[free]Me said...

Flippin costly transport - grrr.

I will be reading your progress to meat-free as I am sorta half-way there too and for similar reasons.

Good luck with van and food (and watch out for pirates)!

k8et.com said...

YAY! i love the video, and the big grin on your face!!! :D so happy.

sorry about the van. :(

wildfluffysheep said...

Eeeeep. That van sounds like a right old handful. Don't think I could handle all that stress, missus!

wow @ your fire spinning skills! *jealous and impressed*

Maddy Avena said...

Hi Lauren! What a great video. So great to SEE you :-). It's easy to copy the YouTube link into your blog. There's a little film strip icon when you're creating the post. Have the YouTube address ready and just do what your told.
Sorry about how much your van is costing you.