Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm still here.

I know.  I've been neglecting my blog and you guys.  It's been a tough couple of weeks.

First off our store isn't making the money it needs to keep our doors open.  I'm having to make payments for rent.  You can't get to the store because of road construction.  I send out emails to our customers 2x a week saying "Come shopping!" 

This weekend is our 2nd anniversary sale.  BIG clearance.  Big whoop.  I've probably had 6 people walk thru the door since I opened at 9:30 and it's almost 2 now.  

Even my employees & the woman who rents space from us doesn't care.  There are days (like today) I just want to lock the doors and drive away never looking back.  It drains my energy and my life.  Today is doing that.

I mean come on people.  We have a giant rack full of clearance vintage clothes for $5.  This is stuff that I had marked up to $50 and now it's $5!  

Steve is out doing a local event.  He made more in the 1st hour than I've made in the 4.5 I've been open.  Thing is that money is our tie-dye business money.  It's what supports Steve & I.  

I love my store but today I want to walk away from the bills, customers and crap that goes with it.

My other issue is my health.  I had a huge chunk of melanoma removed from my arm last Nov.  The dr wanted me to see an oncologist.  We have such shitty insurance that I have to pay out of pocket for my chest x-ray & blood tests.

Finally got the blood tests done & found out I'm cancer free!  Yeah!  

But I still have something going on with my parathyroid.  That blood test happened on thurs. The oncologist should call me this week with results.

Oh something funny at oncologist:  He told me I'm losing weight too fast: 30 pounds in 4 months.  I don't think that's too fast.  I think that's pretty normal.

The rest of my metabolic panel came back normal.  My cholesterol levels were beautiful along with my glucouse levels.  Yeah!

I will be calling the dermatologist for my 6 month check up.  I need to ask what makes UV clothing UV clothing.

Sorry to be such a venter but this is the space I'm in right now.
Photos from around the store today

Iris in bloom
Our old hand painted sign
Animal bikes
Basket of eyelashes


Carlos said...

good news about the cancer bad new about the store... maybe try doing it online through ebay or etsy or something?

Farsy said...

I'd totally come buy some stuff from you, but alas, I'm too far away :(

Send me inventory so I can buy some will ya? lol


Michelle said...

This economy stinks. I spent HOURS over a two-week period prepping for a yard sale. Low low low prices - many things just $1 and cute tags in colors that matched the items. I expected to make at least $150. What did I make? $46. Not worth the energy I put into. At the end of the sale, all of the stuff went into the truck and was donated. I was physically sore and worn out and disappointed. I know it's different because it's not my livelihood, so it doesn't compare. But I think it's just another example of the economy. People just aren't spending.

Teri said...

retail is a roller coaster ride. Been riding it for 6 years and I still vasalate between loving it and leaving it every week. I feel your pain.

How about a website your inventory? You have a unique eye, people would love to buy yourself globally.

Sending you love and good retail juju. Teri

Dina said...

I'm with Teri & Carlos, go online!