Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Brown rice is my friend aka an empty colon is a happy colon

Burning Man campmates
I'm all the way to the left in the lime green dress.
The guy holding me is my buddy O Canada from
(wait for it.... wait for it....
Part of our camp had left including Steve before the picture had been taken.
I stayed an extra 2 days after this was taken.
Me and my buddy Kai.
I do craft shows with her Mom all summer & fall.
She's my buddy.
This is at Apple Hill, California.
Don't you love our tie-dyed pumpkin shirts?? Yeah. I'm rocking the stripes.
Fashion Shoot.

Yeah. That's really my purple hair. No extensions.
Day #2

I got up early this morning & took a hooping class. I have to work on my opposite direction hooping. New goal: Hoop with fire next year at Burning Man.

I had a break thru this afternoon. Have I told you guys that I'm doing a fashion show in Dec and it's featuring all my fashions?? I thought there would be other designers but no. Just me.

It's called "Luscious Ladies: A FAT girl Fashion show".

Tomorrow is the shoot for the poster along with the model call. Sorry Miss size 12. You have to be at least a size 14+ to play in our game.

I'm starting tonight on a gold/maroon brocade tuxedo with this amazing fur collar & cuffs. Pants will be made from the opposite side of the brocade fabric with a fur cuff at bottom.

I'll take pics & post as I go along.

So happy to be back!


Losing Waist! said...

Nice to see you back, I always enjoy your adventures, and creativity...!!


(new mantra)

wildfluffysheep said...

those pictures are awesome.
can't wait for more!

i love love love the pumpkin shirts and the stripes!

woot to the plus sizes.

foolsfitness said...

Fashion help request.

Hi, Great to see your return.

OK how do I start... MY NAME IS ALAN AND I HAVE A DRESSING PROBLEM. Well, I can dress myself, but I only really wear sweat pants... I think that's got to change up a bit.

OK here's the question. Now that I'm dropping weight I'd like to make a more rocking look. I don't know my fashion sense malfunction... if it's being a guy or being huge.

The goals and limits. Fact is I'm poor, so I don't have a big budget. Next fact is I don't want an old navy fashion, I want a unique look, a bit funky, a bit... over the top? Maybe it's a bit rock star, bit superhero, bit swing, and just a dash of goth... I currently wear "real" hats (like fedoras or bowlers) that I will always do... I like "style" no cheesy baseball hats.

Like I honestly want MC Hammer pants but can't figure out where to find some or pattern to make some.

contact me at my blog or my email is:

articicle (the swishy a symbol) yahoo (dot) com

At Foolsfitness we need to start matching our socks beyond "two clean ones"!-Alan

Anonymous said...

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