Monday, May 3, 2010

Coming Clean

Remember how I was all proud about losing 45 pounds?

Well I gained 20 back.

I know I know. "But focus on you losing the 25 pounds."


I'm back to blogging as of this minute. Facebook has taken over my life (Lauren Mari Hufft Gifford if you want to friend me. FYI: I don't Farmville, Fish ville or any ville so don't think I'm going to increase your levels. I'll block you the minute you invite me to join some game. No poker blitz, either.)

Tricia has been calling me a lazy bastard for not blogging.

Yeah yeah yeah.

So I'll take the hour outta the day that I spend on Book of Face and come back

1. I'm sugar free for the past week. Yeah me!
2. Did my first hoop class. It rocked. 4 more weeks & my goal is to hoop with FIRE at Burning Man.
3. We are getting a weekly box of produce. I promise that none of it will end up in the compost pile.
4. I'll post pic's tomorrow.

I'm back. Whatever Patricia. Whatever.


Sara Ancich said...

welcome back...we've missed you! xoxo

Tricia said...

OMG, it's so weird when people call me Patricia! Feels like I'm being scolded! Hooray for forced returns!

F. McButter Pants said...

Holy Hell! I as just thinking about you the other day. Wishting you would star blogging again. This is the cherry on top of an already pretty good day!

So glad your back....

Farsy said...

I feel your pain my friend! I lost 25, gained 13 back, but I'm still down, so I'm not out yet! Must be the time for the "come backs"! Here's to all of us sticking it out!


wildfluffysheep said...

im coming clean too....
also i just added you on facebook. :D

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