Friday, May 7, 2010

Fat is not a 4 letter word

ok. So you guys know how I do the "Luscious Ladies Fat Girl Fashions"? Well I'm doing a fashion show on May 27th for "normal" sized women.

It's for a Women in Reality shin-dig and someone saw my fashion show back in Dec. She wanted me to do stuff for their "Moulin Rouge" themed thing the end of this month. I said I wouldn't sew anything but would pull off the racks & maybe do some accessories.

I'm dressing 9? women in corsets, petticoats, fishnets & feathers.

Sara is the contact.

"I want you to dress Carol. She's the largest of us and she really should wear something more Moulin Rouge-ee." Says Sara.

"Bring her in!" Says me.

Now I'm not one to judge BUT....

Carol comes in wearing a denim dress ala 1995 with a gray sweatshirt over it. She could model for me since she's about a 22-24. (meow. I know. meow.)

I go over to my rack with the corsets that go to 4xl and pull a couple out.

"I'm not wearing that!" Says Carol very indignetly.

I pull out a couple of sparkley dresses.

"No way!"


So I show her the poster that's from last Dec's fashion show. I explain how I had just done a fashion show last week & that my smallest model was a size 22.

She reads the poster "Luscious Ladies: a FAT girl fashion show"

"That's very offensive."
Me: "What is?"
"The word FAT. I'm large not fat. You shouldn't say 'fat'. It's very offensive."
Me "No it's not."

Long & short of it: Carol left the store pissed at me, pissed at Sara and basically hates the whole Moulin Rouge idea for the fashion show.

It's the first time that I've not been able to find anything at all for someone. She was so closed minded and judgmental (which is how I'm feeling about her).

In the meantime I'm loving these other girls. They're all ages and really stepping out of their comfort zone letting me dress them. And I'm loving the fact that I can pull off the rack.

Scale this morning says I've gained 2 pounds. WTF? Sugar free for 11 days, walking, hiking, pulling weeds almost every day.... yeah. I know I know. It'll happen.

And don't tell me to not weigh myself. I've done that & ended up gaining weight.

Picture for tonight:

Superhero Superbowling
I was "Super Stripe Girl!"

Project 300
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Go read & join her.

I'm gone the rest of the weekend for a 50th b'day party.
I PROMISE no wheat or sugar.


Tricia said...

Not for nothing, but she sounds like an uppity bitch. A fat one, at that...

Farsy said...

Oh what a little whine ass! Saying fat is offensive and "I'm large, not fat" is like me trying to say "I'm vertically challenged, not short". Sorry honey, I'm 5'0 exactly. I'm SHORT. I can't reach anything past the front of my second out of 3 shelves in the top cupboards of my house! lol. Oh well, her loss right? I wish I lived near you, I'd let you dress me up, I can't find diddly out here :(

Brightcetera said...

People get all shy and embarrassed when I call myself fat. Then they say something stupid like, "Oh you're not fat." Ummm, I weigh 230ish ... that's fat. They think I'm running myself down.
To me the word fat is a descriptive adjective ... nothing more.

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